MWS 261: Charlie Hodge

Episode 261: The Mascot Wedding Show is back! We’re very happy to report that we’re podcasting again thanks to Charlie Hodge. Charlie has been a staple of Austin radio for the last umpteen years. He currentl broadcasts the Hodge Happy Hour every weekday, 6-7pm on 104.9 The Horn and produces the award-winning Hodgecast. David and I (hi, this is Mac) will be recording out of the Hodge Studios (a small studio behind Charlie’s house) on a weekly basis.

What’s changed? Not a whole lost. We can drink and swear now tha we’re not on radio. That can’t be good, right? We’re still getting our feet under us but soon you’ll start to notice some new features on the program – just us tryign new stuff.

As for Episode 261? We talk to our lovely host Charlie. Also: superhero movie talk, an afterlife computer, an impression-off, and a terrible Keith Moon radioplay.
Recorded on 7/30/13

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Announcing The Hustle Show

Do the something!
“Why are the podcasts so backed up?” I know, I’m a monster. My problem with time management exists because I have a hard time saying no to fun projects. When Josh Krilov, the artistic director at ColdTowne Theater, offered Mascot Wedding a monthly live show to do whatever we wanted with, I had the hardest of times sayign no to that. You might say impossibly hard, because we said yes in a heartbeat. Maybe two or three. I’m not the fastest typist. For example, I started this paragraph three hours ago.
Guys, I’m super excited to tell you about The Hustle Show. The Hustle Show is a modern variety show, featuring sketch, stand-up, music, games, and more. Our pilot episode is this Thursday. If people like it, it will continue the second Thursday of every month. What have we got for you?
Stand-up from Kath Barbadoro!
A sketch from Hot Property!
A musical appearance from David Lee Hess and Cody Dearing!
An interview with a failed TV talk show host!
A performance by the Austin Police Department Drama Club!
A Christmas Carol featuring Andrew Rosas from Ghostward!
And mucho mas!
It’s going to be a great show. We have a murderer’s row of Austin comedy types in our cast. Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whitaker. Hosted by David Jara and myself. All for the no excuses price of $5. Hope to see you there.
10PM Thursday, Dec 8 @ ColdTowne Theater $5 BYOB. Tix here.

Two MW Performances this Friday at ColdTowne

This Friday at ColdTowne Theater, Mascot Wedding will be taking part in two different shows. Up first, MW’s sketch comedy team Stag Comedy will be opening for Midnight Society, as part of their new sketch show, Midnight Society Presents: Halloween Spooktacular IV: Midnight Gallery. Stag will be performing three brand new spooky sketches. Two killer groups on the same bill? Of course it’s gonna sell out. Doors at 8, show at 8:30. Tickets here.

Then later that night comes the Cage Match! David, Ximena, and myself will join up with Annette Cantu, Kate Bojanek, and Midnight Society’s Lance Gilstrap to form The Box Social, an improvised dating game loosely based on the 90s TV fiasco Studs. Show at 11:30. Tickets here.

Bring it: All shows at ColdTowne are BYOB.

Facebook Event page for Midnight Gallery and for The Box Social.

Saturday Chucklin’

Cold night? Hot Property
Cold night? Hot Property

Of course you got the Mascot Wedding Show today (with special guest Chris Nicholas from Staple!) but then later tonight, Hot Property (David, Mac + Nick and Lance from Midnight Society) will be doing some sketch comedy as part of Remote Controlmance, a sketch showcase featuring Valentine’s Day episodes (that never existed) of a bevy of TV shows. Hot Property will be doing a special V-day local news broadcast.

The news hits at 11PM Coldtowne Theater. $5, BYOB.

MWS Extrasode – February Events!


Mascot Wedding is doing a lot of different live shows this month, 14 I believe, at various Austin venues and we recorded a micro-podcast to talk about it.

Do not forget, this is TONIGHT:
++Master Pancake Video Jukeboxx II
The movie-mocking formula of Master Pancake gets applied to a whole mess of music videos by a whole mess of comedians, including me + Jara. I won’t tell you what video we’re doing, but it’s pretty great.
TONIGHT 10PM @Alamo Ritz Downtown Tix here.

Your February Mascot Wedding Live Events

Stag Comedy @ Coldtowne
Stag Comedy @ Coldtowne
Mac Blake here. Do you want to see your the Mascot Wedding crew in person? Of course you do. I should shut-up with such a stupid question. Here’s what we’re going to be up to next month.

++Stag Comedy at Coldtowne Theater
We’re bringing our awesome Episode 3 show to Coldtowne Theater on Thursday nights. You’re going to have 3 chances to check it out this month. Seriously folks, this show gets better every time we do it. If you’ve already seen it, it’s worth $5 to see it in friendly + intimate confines of Coldtowne.
Feb 3, 10, 17 @ 10PM. Only $5! Tix+Info here.

++Master Pancake Theater: Robocop
Or Robot-Cop, as I call it. This is a show we’ve done only once two years ago. It went super great and we’ve been hoping to bring it back ever since. Wish granted!
Last two weekends in February, Fridays + Saturdays. Tix and times here.

++Stag Comedy @ Mi Casa es Su Teatro
Mi Casa es Su Teatro is a part of Frontera Fest where shows take place in people’s homes. Man, when is Austin ever gonna grow up and get a haircut, amirite? But seriously, this is gonna be a lot of fun. Expect a best-of show from the Stag Comedy crew.
Feb 5 3:45PM @ 6213 Boxcar Run. Tix are $3

++Hot Property
The sketch-prov collaboration between David & Mac and Nick Ramirez & Lance Gilstrap of Midnight Society will be performing some all new sketch material as part of a larger show put on by Austin sketch team Turn of the Century Paris.
Details are (don’t say sketchy… don’t say sketchy) vague at the moment, but we do know the show is going to be February 12.

++Master Pancake Video Jukeboxx II
The movie-mocking formula of Master Pancake gets applied to a whole mess of music videos by a whole mess of comedians, including me + Jara.
Feb 2 10PM @Alamo Ritz Downtown Tix here.

iTunes + Other News

Hey dudes. Did you know the Mascot Wedding Show podcast is available on iTunes? Did you? I hope so. I realized I never mentioned it here and wanted to rectify that. Check it out here.

++In other news, Chopper Dave Youmans’s band Expensive Shit, is going to appear on the Casual Victim Pile II release. Which is very cool. The first one was great.

++Mascot Wedding has a bunch of shows planned for next month, Master Pancake, Stag Comedy, Hot Property, and of course the ra-ra-radio. More about those later in the week.

Your December Mascot Wedding Live Events

Hey everybody, here are your chances to see members of Mascot Wedding live in December so you can steal a lock of our hair for cloning purposes (yes, just like in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace).

++ Wednesday, Dec 1: Master Pancake Theater: Lord of the Rings. A benefit for KOOP radio! David and myself will be making fun of The Fellowship of the Ring alongside John Erler and Joe Parsons. All proceeds are going to our beloved KOOP Radio. Buy tickets he- wait, what? It’s already sold out? Then why mention it, unless I’m just a braggart? Ohhhhhh. 10 PM @ Alamo Ritz Downtown.

++Dec 3+4: Jonathan Pace w/ Chad Warren and Mac Blake. Come see me do some stand-up at the Velveeta Room. Jonathan Pace is your headliner, Chad Warren features, and I’ll be doing jokes right at the beginning while you’re getting your drink. Two shows each night, 9:30 and 11:30. Tix are $5 at the door.

++Dec 13: Hot Property @ the Monday Night Mash. December 13 is the birthday of Nick Ramirez from Midnight Society. So it’s a Nick-centric night of comedy at Coldtowne Theater. Lucky for us, David and myself get to work with the talented Mr. Ramirez and his partner Lance Gilstrap in the sketch-prov group Hot Property. 8:30 PM @ Coldtowne Theater w/ Midnight Society and Gang Bang. FREE show.

++Dec 18: Stag Comedy @ Salvage Vanguard Theater. Did you miss Stag Comedy’s last sold-out performance at the Alamo Ritz? I’m super mad at you but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s because you were waiting to see us in a more intimate setting. Now’s your chance as Stag Comedy will be doing an encore performance of Episode 3 at SVT @ 5 PM. Tickets aren’t available yet, but when they are, expect a post here, on our Facebook page, and also probably on David’s twitter. The dude tweets.

STAG Comedy lands this Sunday

If you’ve been wondering why things have been so quiet here, it’s because the Mascot Wedding crew has been working like coked-out bees to ready a new sketch comedy show. That’s right, STAG Comedy is back!
Stag Comedy Nov 14 at the Ritz

This is an official Mascot Wedding production and it’s gonna be bad-ass. This Sunday, November 14 at 7 PM, we’re going to unleash 21 new sketches, 10 video, 11 live. We’ve been pouring everything we’ve got into this. I feel like I shouldn’t have to sell this any more than that. It’s going to be fucking hilarious! You’re fucked if you don’t see it. Fucked.

Tix are only $8.50 and you can by them here.
Like Stag Comedy on Facebook.