Austin Sketch Fest this weekend (5/27 – 5/29); STAG! Comedy secures Thursday night slot!

Austin Sketch Fest

Are you still kicking yourself for missing the last STAG! Comedy show? Are you looking for something fun to start your Memorial Day weekend? Are you a sucker for killing two birds with one stone? Well, have I got some news for you!

STAG! Comedy (featuring Mascot Wedding, as well as members of Master Pancake Theater and Comedy Sportz) will be performing Thursday, May 27th, as a part of Austin Sketch Fest. Curated by Lance Gilstrap (also a Master Pancake alum and member of the very funny Midnight Society), Austin Sketch Fest is a three day showcase of some great comedy featuring local and national sketch groups. Shows will take place at Coldtowne Theater, with additional shows taking place Saturday night at the United States Art Authority. This will be our first time performing at Coldtowne, so we’re really looking forward to the opportunity to put on a fun show at a great local venue.

For more information about Austin Sketch Fest, click here. For tickets to Thursday night’s show featuring STAG! Comedy (with Green Tuna and Turn of the Century Paris), click here.

Seating at Coldtowne Theater is very limited, so get your tickets while you can. And, if you can’t make it out to support STAG!, at least consider checking out the rest of Austin Sketch Fest. It’s a very cool event and Lance has been busting his ass to put it together.

Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake Disassemble Transformers Starting January 29th!

You know how you love going to the movies? And remember how you used to love playing with toys? Well, imagine if something out there could somehow manage to ruin both experiences for you. Surely science and simple human good would never allow such a thing to exist. Or, even if it did exist, surely it would be buried where no one would ever see it, like the 5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart or the darkest recesses of your soul.

But it exists. And it made Michael Bay bulletproof. And Shia LeBeouf a star. And Megan Fox relevant. And it made more money than you can count in three lifetimes. Christ, I’m sad just typing that.

Wipe your tears, lovers of all that is good, and get ready for the ultimate payback! Starting January 29th, Mascot Wedding will be joining forces with Master Pancake Theater to annihilate the loudest and dumbest movie of all time: Transformers. Now is your chance to actually sit back and enjoy this stupid thing while the best mockers in the business point all the plotholes and cringeworthy moments that made you physically angry the first time. Get your tickets while you can, because once these shows are over we’re dropping our DVD copies in the deepest part of the ocean.

Showtimes and tickets at

Mascot Wedding Joins Master Pancake Theater to Destroy E.T., Your Childhood

April, 2008. Man, those were the days. Fox Television made us feel foolish for thinking we could dance. A young man named Barack packed everything he owned into an old detergent box and started a journey that began in his homeland of Kenya and led him all the way to the White House. And Master Pancake Theater teamed up with Mac and David of Mascot Wedding to mock the 1982 classic E.T. What? You don’t remember?? You missed it?! Jesus. I don’t… it’s just that… you sicken me. There, I said it.

But guess what? Now’s your chance to totally redeem yourself. Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake are together again! And we’re bringing E.T. back to life, so that we may kill him with insults for your entertainment dollar! That’s right — this month we’re doing an encore performance of our killer E.T. show for THREE WEEKENDS ONLY. After that, it’s gone faster than your childlike sense of wonder when you found out E.T. wasn’t real. So get your tickets now while you still can, and come watch us eviscerate your favorite cuddly alien/Spielberg movie/wrinkly ball-sac puppet.

Showtimes and tickets at

GTFO: Mascot Wedding Show Picked “Best in Austin” by Austin Chronicle

In news that is sure to send local bars into DEFCON 1, your beloved “Mascot Wedding Show” has been named “Best Saturday Night Date” by The Austin Chronicle in its annual “Best of Austin” issue. (Holy crap, I got chills just writing that.) Obviously this comes as a huge surprise to everyone at MW, as the annual “Best Of” is normally the time of year where the popular kids get on the dance floor and Mascot Wedding stands by the punch bowl and counts down the minutes until our parents come to pick us up. But this duckling just turned into a swan, chumps. This is our dance now!

In all seriousness, a gigantic thanks to everyone who made this possible. Thanks to the people at the Austin Chronicle, who are just as good at softball as they are putting out a damn fine newspaper every week. Thanks to KOOP Radio for kicking ass and being incredibly tolerant of a show about KFC sandwiches and Eric Bana. Thanks to the rest of Mascot Wedding – Youmans, Ximena, Long, and East Coast Duggles – for being the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. Thanks to the growing Mascot Army, the callers, the people representin’ on the Facebooks and the Myspaces, the people helping to get the word out, and the silent majority of listeners who just sit quietly and enjoy the program every Saturday. You all are the cat’s pajamas, and totally make this show worth doing.

Oh man, I need a drink. Thanks again everybody. You have no idea how happy you’ve made us right now. And keep tuning in to “The Mascot Wedding Show,” every Saturday at 6 PM CST on 91.7 FM in Austin, or streaming live worldwide at

An aborted show topic and Reader Mail!

If you caught this past Saturday’s (8/22) show, you know that I started to tell a story about my friends and I getting locked in the mall after hours. Unfortunately the show ended before I could finish the story, which I had planned to turn into a topic had breaking news not crashed through the ceiling of our studio like baby Superman. However, after the show I got an e-mail about the mall story from listener Charles, who wrote: “Hey, I need closure on this thing. Can you post something on your web site?” And what am I gonna do? Say no to Charles? Well, yes, kinda.
You see, Charles made me wish that not only could I finish the story, but still throw the topic out there. So instead of posting the story here, I’ve taken the story and posted it on Mascot Wedding’s Facebook page. If we can get a topic thread started, that would be awesome. If not, well, at least you got a free boring story out of it.

Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake mock Lord of the Rings – 2 weekends left!

Mac and David have joined forces with Master Pancake Theater to present a thorough and severe mocking of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. If you hate the LOTR trilogy, come watch David squeal with girlish delight as he eviscerates one of the movies on his own personal Enemies List. If you love the LOTR trilogy, come on down and have your mind blown by how much better the movie is by removing half of it and putting jokes over the “action.” Plus, there’s a bitchin’ skit by the MP/MW crew, and a special video presentation featuring some familiar Mascot Wedding faces. This can’t lose! It shan’t lose!

This show will only be around for two more weekends before it’s gone forever, so get your tickets now at the Alamo Drafthouse website.

Unnecessary Sequels and a few opening words

As you can tell, our website is still in its infant stages. For the moment, is little more than what you see right now. We’ll try to post a couple of updates in the next few weeks and maybe add a link or two, but we can’t make any promises as far as the immediate future. Over the next few months our hope is to vastly improve the look and feel of this site, populate it with content, and make this site one that you can visit on a regular basis to meet your Recommended Daily Allowance of comedy and entertainment.

In the meantime, you’re probably here because you saw our entry in the Alamo Drafthouse Unnecessary Sequel contest. The good news is that we just received word that our entry has made it into the final round of 13. The bad news is that the competition looks pretty good. The even better news is that I slept with one the judges. Actually, I don’t think she was a real judge. Maybe we won’t be winners according to the Drafthouse, but if I ever have to go in front of the Federal Court of Appeals, ho boy, is that gonna be sweet.

Here is our Unnecessary Sequel to MementoMemen2!