The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 10/30/10

Turns out the dude was in a band
Episode 143: Mac and David are too raw to front, know what I’m sayin? If not, listen to the show. Featuring some ultimate halloween costume talk and a Geek vs Hipster discussion. I’d like to see NPR hit this hard with their stories. Not possible as Mascot Wedding hits the hardest.

Opener: “Da Doo Ron Ron” by The Crystals, from The Phil Spector Collection
“America’s Boy” by Broadcast, from the album Tender Buttons
“Young Veins (Die Tonight)” by The Young Veins, from the album Take a Vacation!
“Lean Woman Blues” by T. Rex, from the album Electric Warrior
Closer: “Holidays” by Miami Horror, from the album Illuminations

The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 10/23/10

Episode 142: Austin has terrible ambassadors, but don’t worry Austinites, Mac and David will stand up for you. The boys and the callers debate who would go on Mt. Crushmore.

Opener: “I Don’t Believe You” by The Thermals, from the album Personal Life
“Go Outside” by Cults, from the Cults 7″
Closer: “Barstool Blues” by Neil Young & Crazyhorse, from the album Zuma

Upcoming MW Events

Hey crew. Mac here. Everyone got their calendars out? Good. Here are some upcoming Mascot Wedding live events!

++This Wednesday, October 13: Master Pancake Video Jukebox. An all-star short attention span event. David and myself will be mocking music videos along with John Erler, Mary Jo Pehl, Martha Kelly, Gilstrap & Ramirez (more on them later), Scott Chester, Ben Bartley and others. 7 PM @ Alamo South Lamar. Tix here.

++This Saturday, October 16: KOOP’s War of the Weekend. David and myself will be hosting the Saturday line-up of this two-day event benefitting our beloved KOOP radio. Live bands, DJ sets by the Saturday KOOP DJs, and more of us than you can probably stand. 4 PM to Midnight @ Club Deville. Only $5 at the door. Flyer here.

++Monday, October 25: Hot Property @ the Monday Night Mash. Rescheduled

++Thursday, October 28: Mac hosts the Velveeta Room Open Mic. That’s me! I’ll be hosting this open mic from 9:30 to probably past midnight. I’m only going to do a short warm-up set at the beginning. The real reason I’m posting this is the hope that some of you take pity on me. I’ll be there for three hours probably. Come and say hi to me ferchrissakes! 9:30 @ the Velveeta Room (downtown).

++Sunday November 14: Stag Comedy. This is the big one. Trust me that you’ll be hearing more about this show as the date nears. This is an all new sketch comedy show from Mascot Wedding Productions. This is going to melt your face off. I swear it! The time isn’t set yet, but it’ll be at the Alamo Ritz Downtown. If you miss this you’ll hate yourself forever. For realzies, this show is gonna be epic.

The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 10/09/10

Episode 141: David and Mac are joined in-studio by comedian and creative force Kerri Lendo. There’s some talk of Kerri’s new short film, Mac can’t handle his phone’s alarm, Dan Cortese isn’t fooling anyone, loud Sun Chips bags, and David takes on hard-hitting Weezer issues. Fun show? Well yeah, but it was also maybe the funnest. Think that over.

Tyra’s Wigs

Opener: “Windstorm” by The School of Seven Bells, from the album Disconnect from Desire
“Lions and Cages” by Wolf Gang, from their self-titled album
“Drowning” by The Reigning Sound, from the album Too Much Guitar
Closer: “Glitter” by No Age, from the album Everything In Between

Kerri Lendo on Tomorrow’s MWS

The super funny comedienne, award-winning filmmaker, and friend of the show KERRI LENDO will be joining us in-studio tomorrow. If you’re next to a radio (91.7 FM) or a computer ( tomorrow and don’t tune in (6-7 CST), you’ll have only your cold empty heart to console you. And, knowing you, probably whatever’s on Netflix instant.

Check out a short film of hers after the jump.
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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 10/02/10

Nolan Ryan is rolling over on his Craftmatic
Nolan Ryan is rolling over on his Craftmatic

Episode 140: Some best-worst tales of love. A little college sports grousing. Mac and David go on a road trip to a Major League game. Plus Chief Spelchnik shares a tale of love. Fun show. Thanks callers!

Opener: “Crime of Paris” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions, from the album Blood and Chocolate
“Pa Pa Power” by Dead Man’s Bones, from their self-titled album
“Heart to Tell” by The Love Language, from the album Libraries
Closer: “I Can See the Pines are Dancing” by A.A. Bondy, from the album When the Devil’s Loose