MWS 260: An End

Episode 260: KOOP shows the Mascot Wedding Show the door, and David and Mac didn’t let it hit them in the ass on the way out. Some show reminiscing, talk about terrible rock, and Eeyore’s Birthday.

Opener: “Which of the Two of Us is Gonna Burn this House Down” by The Star Spangles, from the album Bazooka
Closer: “Metal Detektor” by Spoon, from the album A Series of Sneaks

The Hustle Show: Dads and Grads Edition

It’s June, which means only one thing: You’re trying to find the perfect gift for dads AND grads. Step away from that weird gift card kiosk at Walgreens and catch this month’s Hustle Show instead! Hell, you could even bring your favorite dad/grad and tell them this counts as their gift. What are they gonna do? Complain? You almost bought them an Outback Steakhouse gift card. They should be kissing your feet.

Enjoy all the fun stuff we’ve got planned for you, including:
– Stand-up from Danny Palumbo
– Twitter fun from an opportunistic monster
– Showdowns with reformed mobsters
– Confessions from doomed men
– The darque arts
– And more!

Thursday, June 13th, 10PM at ColdTowne Theater. Only $5. Sometimes shows sell out, sometimes they don’t. Buy advance tickets here to ensure entry.

Starring Jeff Whitaker, Courtney Sevener, Curtis Luciani, Ximena Estrada, Tre Fuentes, Scott Raney, and Sam Malcolm. Hosted by David Jara.

MWS 259: Danny Palumbo and Byron Brown

Episode 259: Funny dudes Danny Palumbo and Byron Brown join us for our second to last KOOP broadcast. Wacky apartment adventures, secrets of Pittsburg, Byron’s country music efforts and more!
Original air date 4/20/13

Opener: “Prima Materia” by The Virgins, from the album Strike Gently
“Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” by Thee Oh Sees, from the album Floating Coffin

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