The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 09/04/10

Episode 136: The big hand is on the W, which means it’s time to win and your radio lions DO JUST THAT. David has, probably, the anecdote of the year. Mac’s failed Twitter experiment. disappoints. The Austin Comic Con. Plus, David throws his hat in the ring for Best Radio Personality.

Opener: “Enemy” by Modey Lemon, from the album Thunder and Lightning
“The Bike Song (Feat. Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock)” by Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, from the album Record Collection
“Last Meal for the Overachiever” by Overnight Lows, from the album City of Rotten Eyes
Closer: “Angela Surf City” by The Walkmen, from the album Lisbon

2 thoughts on “The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 09/04/10”

  1. Just for the record, the covers for Wizard Magazine at the time (there were two covers that month) – one was the TV show Fringe, the other was for a Spider-man video game.

    Also, as of this writing, David has 60 followers on Twitter. You’re welcome.

  2. And as of THIS writing, I’m currently FOLLOWING 60 people. I currently have 51 followers, and about seven of them are spam. Except the lady from CapMetro. She seems cool.