MWS Episode 205 – Radio Bad Boys, Burgers, and Chris Nicholas

Mac, David, Matty Collector, and Chris Nicholas

Episode 205: Here come King Horse and Panini Press, your Radio Bad Boys. OR NOT. Chris Nicholas from Staple! joins the show. Talk of Jeremy Lin, Sports Illustrated’s dumb swimsuit issue, Wendy’s, and that smug prick Matty Collector.

Original air date 02/18/12.

Opener: “King Horse” by Elvis Costello and the Attractions, from the album Get Happy
“Suitcase” by Standard Fare, from the album Out of Sight, Out of Town
Closer: “Bruiser” by Wax Museums, from the album Eye Times

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One thought on “MWS Episode 205 – Radio Bad Boys, Burgers, and Chris Nicholas”

  1. Full disclosure. I edited out a chunk of the episode where we talked about Austin street icon Leslie Cochran. Shorty after this episode aired, Leslie passed away. While we weren’t the biggest fans of Leslie, we’re also not ghouls. I left some of the Leslie talk in the episode. I just want to reinforce that we’re in the business of honesty and laughter, not trying to add salt to the wounds of people who are never going to see their friend again, which is why I edited it out. Rest in peace, Leslie.