Upcoming MW Events

Hey crew. Mac here. Everyone got their calendars out? Good. Here are some upcoming Mascot Wedding live events!

++This Wednesday, October 13: Master Pancake Video Jukebox. An all-star short attention span event. David and myself will be mocking music videos along with John Erler, Mary Jo Pehl, Martha Kelly, Gilstrap & Ramirez (more on them later), Scott Chester, Ben Bartley and others. 7 PM @ Alamo South Lamar. Tix here.

++This Saturday, October 16: KOOP’s War of the Weekend. David and myself will be hosting the Saturday line-up of this two-day event benefitting our beloved KOOP radio. Live bands, DJ sets by the Saturday KOOP DJs, and more of us than you can probably stand. 4 PM to Midnight @ Club Deville. Only $5 at the door. Flyer here.

++Monday, October 25: Hot Property @ the Monday Night Mash. Rescheduled

++Thursday, October 28: Mac hosts the Velveeta Room Open Mic. That’s me! I’ll be hosting this open mic from 9:30 to probably past midnight. I’m only going to do a short warm-up set at the beginning. The real reason I’m posting this is the hope that some of you take pity on me. I’ll be there for three hours probably. Come and say hi to me ferchrissakes! 9:30 @ the Velveeta Room (downtown).

++Sunday November 14: Stag Comedy. This is the big one. Trust me that you’ll be hearing more about this show as the date nears. This is an all new sketch comedy show from Mascot Wedding Productions. This is going to melt your face off. I swear it! The time isn’t set yet, but it’ll be at the Alamo Ritz Downtown. If you miss this you’ll hate yourself forever. For realzies, this show is gonna be epic.

Kerri Lendo on Tomorrow’s MWS

The super funny comedienne, award-winning filmmaker, and friend of the show KERRI LENDO will be joining us in-studio tomorrow. If you’re next to a radio (91.7 FM) or a computer (koop.org) tomorrow and don’t tune in (6-7 CST), you’ll have only your cold empty heart to console you. And, knowing you, probably whatever’s on Netflix instant.

Check out a short film of hers after the jump.
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(Insert stirring Bill Pullman speech here)

You have your own July 4th traditions I’m sure. Personally, I used to celebrate by finding a limey, boxing his ears and stealing the gold coin that’s underneath his powdered wig. However, David and myself have spent the last two Independence Days at the Downtown Alamo Ritz making fun of (what else) Roland Emmerich’s 1996 B-list parade Independence Day along with Master Pancake Theater. This is the landmark film that proved alien computers are Macintosh compatible.

These shows are always a lot of fun. You gather with your fellow freedom enthusiasts and watch Will Smith blow shit up. Pretty great! The only downside is I’ll be out of town, so David, Joe and John will have to make double sure that our colors don’t run (right?).

Seriously folks, these shows are super fun. You got 5 chances to see it this weekend. Tix and showtimes here. These shows will sell-out!

BTW: As a result there will be not be a Mascot Wedding Show on KOOP this Saturday.

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 01/16/10

RIP Jay Reatard
RIP Jay Reatard

Episode 107: David and Mac break down the collapse of Late Night TV, computer resentment, and some Magneto talk. Plus (arg!), sound problems!
You see, this is one of those shows that really would have benefited from a timely podcast posting. I thought it was a good show at the time, but now it just seems like all old news. I gotta catch up on these things.

Opener: “My Shadow” by Jay Reatard, off the album Blood Visions
“Brand New Game” by The Dirtbombs, off the album If You Don’t Already Have a Look
“Nightmares” by Jay Reatard, off the album Blood Visions

MWS KOOP Membership Drive Update

Last week was our first show of KOOP’s Fall Membership Drive and our listeners kicked the ass fantastic. We’d like to thank Dana T, Amanda D, Dan K, Charles C, and William B for standing tall and pledging their support for KOOP. Those heroes either called (512) 472-5667 [toll free 1-888-917-5667] or pledged online at koop.org. Thanks also to our special guest Mr. Harris, co-host of the Graveside Service on KOOP.

We’re going to try and keep that momentum going on today’s show featuring special guest Jay Robillard. Remember, every pledge of at least $25 gets you the Mascot Wedding premium, You Wanna Get Crushed? Fun Pack, which includes an exclusive CD + sticker.

Last week’s playlist:
Opener: “The Boys are Leaving Town” by Japandroids, off the album Post-Nothing
“Codes” by Jason Lowenstein, off the album At Sixes and Sevens
“East of Hercules” by Ume, off the Sunshower EP
“Everyone’s Born to Die” by ELO, off the album “ELO 2”
Closer: “Over It” by Dinosaur Jr., off the album Farm

SpaceBook and Comedy Speed

Mascot Wedding has a facebook group riiiiiiiiiiight here. After two days of existence it had more members than our myspace page which has been up for about a year. We mentioned the facebook gorup on the radio and since then, our myspace membership has now crawled ahead of the facebook numbers. That’s not supposed to happen because how dead is myspace right? Oh man, so dead. Myspace is so dead. Oh man it’s dead.

Anyway, join one or the other please. Either take a stab at newscorp or continue my confusion. Either way.

Tomorrow the Mascot Wedding show with David and Mac returns to the airwaves as demanded by natural law. One thing we won’t be talking about it this. Go ahead watch it. It’s the infomercial for the “Gathering of Juggalos”. The four-day (really? four fucking days?) Woodstock for fans of the Insane Clown Posse, aka human garbage, scum, life trash, etc. It’s truly awfulsome. I was going to talk about it, in length, on the show. I had my notes all ready because there’s so much to rip apart.

Then someone told me Tom Scharpling already carved it up on this week’s Best Show. Noooooooooooooo! Some might say, Mac, you haven’t listened to their take on it yet, why not do yours? Well, we’ve already taken so many cues from Tom in our show’s creation, I can’t knowingly repeat a topic of his, even if I did find it on my own. Besides it was Tom and Paul F. Thompkins… what chance do I have?

It really is just so dreadful. I’m looking forward to listening to Tom and Paul’s discussion because dear god… so bad. Comedy radio talk shows exist in a fast-paced, first-to-market world, folks.

Anyway, we have plenty of other stuff to talk about on the air, including this, so tune in tomorrow from 6-7 PM CST on 91.7 FM KOOP or streaming world wide at koop.org.

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 05/02/09

Some talk about real-life super heroes and the funniest person in Austin competition. This is an abbreviated show because the recording device crapped out during an awesome interview with a pretzel stand manager (which does not appear on this podcast). Tragedy! Comedy!

Download Episode 73: “the Mascot Wedding show 05/02/09”

Opener: “Yea Yeah” by Matt & Kim, off their self-titled album
“The Girl I Knew Somewhere” by the Monkees, off the A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You single
“Bag of Hammers” by Thao Nguyen, off the album We Brave Bee Stings and All
Closer: “Border Incident” by The Alarm, off their self-titled album

Last chance to see MW+MPT mock Lord of the Rings!

Joe and David as Hobbits. Photo by Heather Leah Kennedy.
Joe and David as Hobbits. Photo by Heather Leah Kennedy.

Hey folks. This weekend is your last chance to catch Mascot Wedding’s David and Mac as they join forces with John and Joe of Master Pancake Theater to mock Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, downtown at the Alamo Ritz. These shows will sell-out so getting your tickets sooner would be wise.

There’s also an exclusive video from Mascot Wedding running before the show. Unless your love of the halfling’s leaf has slowed your mind, it’s obvious these last shows are gonna be hot hot hot. You don’t believe me? Maybe this image of Joe will convince you.

Tickets, times, and more info.

Trickery Flickery Mock [Austin Chronicle]
Master Pancake Theater on Facebook