MWS 251: Dave Child and Ximena Estrada

Photo by Dustin Weaver :: Do512
Photo by Dustin Weaver :: Do512

Episode 251: Comedian and National Air Sex champion Dave Child joins Mac and guest host Ximena Estrada to talk about finding downed planes, Austin Powers, erotic fan fiction, secrets of the Grimace, and what to do with a golden phallus.

Original air date 2/16/13

Opener: “Recover” by CHVRCHES, from the Recover EP
“Bohemian Rhapsody” by The Braids, from the album Here We Come
Closer: “Favorite Place” by Black Books, from the Aquarena. EP

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MWS 250: Joe Hafkey

Joey Jo Jo

Episode 250: Comedian Joe Hafkey joins David, Mac, and apprentice Caitlin. We got comic book picks, Tetris pimps, Russian mobsters, comedy scene talk, kids harass David, and “the Mascot Wedding Hot Seat.” One of our funnest fun shows ever!
Original air date 2/9/13

Opener: “Back of a Car” by Big Star, from the album No. 1 Record
“Recover” by CHVRCHES, from the Recover EP
Closer: “No Big Deal” by Terry Malts, from the album Killing Time.

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Hey look, here’s a short video that Joe and Mac were in together. Made by Sara Reihani and Chris Tellez.

MWS 249: Mary Jo Pehl

Episode 249: Mac and David (and apprentice Caitlin) talk to author and comedian Mary Jo Pehl of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its live reincarnation, Cinematic Titanic. We talk about all that jazz (although no mention of this). Plus, comic book writer Kurt Hosmer calls in to talk about his role in the recent Presidential Inauguration.

Original air date 2/2/13

Opener: “Fantasy” by MS MR, from the album Melted
“She’s The One” by The Ramones, from the Expanded and Remastered edition of Road to Ruin
Closer: “Merit” by The Dirtbombs, from the album If You Don’t Already Have a Look.

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MWS 248: Chip Pope

Episode 248: Chip Pope joins the magic boys in-studio to talk about old malls, Quentin Tarantino movies, Austin Stories, Zero Dark Thirty, and what not. Plus, an actress calls in with a Nicolas Cage anecdote. Final score: FUN SHOW FOR SURE.

Opener: “Imaginary Person” by Ty Segall, from the album Melted
“Hurricane” by MS MR, from the Candy Bar Creep Show EP
Closer: “1.” by Swearin’, from their self-titled album

MWS 247: Courtney Sevener

Episode 247:
Courtney Sevener from Red Envelope helps Mac and David update Mount Crushmore (the Mount Rushmore of Austin). Plus, talk of Garrison Keillor’s endorsement, resembling celebs, and more!

Original air date 1/19/13

Opener: “Anybody Out There?” by Mean Jeans, from the album On Mars
“Baby, Now That I’ve Found You” by the Foundations, from the album Build Me Up Buttercup
Closer: “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” by The Ramones, from the album Ramones

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MWS 246: Tre Fuentes

Episode 246: Mac’s not here. David is joined by Tre Fuentes from Precious Dads. Talk of Jurassic Park, Ninja Turtle ranking, child beatings, scams, scum-judging, and more.

Original air date 1/12/13

Opener: “Black Mold” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, from the album Meat and Bone
“Pearly Gates” by Disappears, from the album Lux
Closer: “5 Years” by Limes, from album Tarantula Plus Blue Blood

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MWS 245: Clare O’Kane and Josh Androsky

Episode 245: Comedians Josh Androsky and Clare O’Kane are on the show. We talk about a dumb tattoo, a donkey town, bread coats, and more. The Change Your Name Game is created. Plus, Josh’s amazing “Price is Right on Mushrooms” story.

Follow Clare and Josh on twitter!

Original air date 1/5/13

Opener: “While I’m Alive” by Starfucker, from the album Miracle Mile
“Don’t Your Forget It” by Allah-Las, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Shot the Beehive” by Ex-Cult, from their self-titled album

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MWS 244: 2K12 Wrap-up!

Episode 244: Joe Parsons and Katie Sicking join Mac and David for a look back at some of their favorite stuff of 2K12. Mainly movies. It wasn’t supposed to be all movies, but it sort of happened. You’ll just have to ask us in person about the other stuff we were gonna talk about.

Original air date 12/29/12

Opener: “On the Radio” by Mind Spiders, from the album Meltdown
“Baby Get Worse” by the Divine Fits, from the album A Thing Called Divine Fits
Closer: “Pity” by Royal Headache, from their self-titled album

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MWS 243: Joseph Devens

Episode 243: Joseph Devens, cartoonist of the very funny Whale, joins the radio lions in studio. Rush Evans: traffic reporter. Life of Pi. Dr. Pepper vs Mr. Pibb. Eating at IKEA. James Franco talk.

To read some Whale comics, here’s where ya wanna go.

Original air date 12/22/12

Opener: “Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten, from the album Tramp
“Fever” by Holograms, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Radio” by Nude Beach, from the album II

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MWS 242: James Patrick Robinson and Clinton Dunkel

Episode 242: Comedian James Patrick Robinson is in town from NYC. A second half interview with Clinton Dunkel, owner of the Shank Shop. Plus talk of Homeland, acrocats, the future, and more.

Original air date 12/15/12

Opener: “OCD Vibes” by Sonic Avenues, from the album Television Youth
“The House that Heaven Built” by Japandroids, from the album Celebration Rock
Closer: “Hey Tonight” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, from the album Pendulum

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