MWS 292: Bad Boys

Episode 292: From the comedy group Bad Boys, Byron Brown and Sam Malcolm join us in studio for a packed show. How packed? We have a Mascot Wedding Vision Quest, a scene from the movie Vision Quest, some strip club talk, 9/11’s affect on relationships, and more. Plus, stay tuned till the end for a very big announcement.

MWS 291: Rumpelstiltskin

Episode 291: Magical storybook scamp Rumpelstiltskin joins the program. He talks about his long life, love of pranks, and his perfect day. Plus, Mac gets slightly accosted at a comedy show.

Gold Lion 5: Mac’s Brother Calvin


It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a short, best-of nugget from a past show. On this short EXTRAsode, we have the first call with Mac’s brother Calvin. The MWS proper will be back next week with a full episode.

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MWS 288: Josh Gondelman

MWS 288 Josh Gondelman
Episode 288: Josh Gondelman joined us in-studio late last year. We talk about Modern Seinfeld, having a good name to yell, going on tour with Brooklyn Brewery, and more.

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Also, here’s that terrible animal show Mac was talking about:

MWS 286: Giulia Rozzi

Episode 286: The wonderful and hilarious Giulia Rozzi is our guest. We discuss her TED talk, Podcast ideas, weird gyms, BBQ, and Giulia’s show Bad Bride, which people in Austin can see this Friday! Tickets here.

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MWS 285: Josh Androsky

Episode 285: Wildman Josh Androsky is in-studio to talk about why KISS is mad at him, Carmela Soprano’s outfits, Melissa McCarthy, hoops, and more. Josh is the best. This episode is CRAZY fun.

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