MWS 284: Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks Comedian
Episode 284: Comedy’s Aaron Brooks joins us for a very erotic episode of the Mascot Wedding Show. We talk about honesty, turning embarrassment into gold, Marvel’s new film slate, and Aaron takes us on an audio journey of passion.

You can listen to Aaron’s podcast, Stay Wonderful, here.

MWS 283: Erin Foley

Erin Foley
Episode 283: The fantastic Erin Foley is our guest this episode and we go full sports talk for almost the full hour. Discussion of the Astros, Spurs, the fan bases of LA and Houston, and, (of course) the back of the Needful Things DVD case.

Check out Erin’s great sports podcast Sports Without Balls.

Gold Lion 4: Eugene Fernwell


It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a short, best-of nugget from a past show. On this EXTRAsode, we have a call from Eugene Fernwell, author of There is Time for Love, Doctor Jones: Eliminating Distractions and Focusing on What’s Important along with a special guest host Ximena Estrada. The MWS proper will be back next week with an episode featuring Erin Foley. Enjoy!

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Sildenafil dosage

Bryan Gutmann
Episode 282: Bryan Gutmann brings that ol’ fashioned high-energy as our guest for some talk of uncensored zoo radio, Austin’s terrible car dealers (like this one), creepy billboards, and more. Plus we break down a guide on how to talk your parents into moving. It’s the worst! The guide, not this show. This show is fun.

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Mascot Wedding Show with John Buseman
Episode 281: Comedian John Buseman joins us in-studio. Talk of hangovers, The Drunk Detective, local meats, fights, and more. Plus Father Cliff Papageorgio stops by with a script excerpt of his movie Sin Night.

MWS 280: Your Lions Alone

Episode 280: David and Mac fly by themselves this episode. It starts a little slow, but by the end – HOT SHIT! Summer movie talk, Mac is a real whiny traveller, some shower strategy, Mascot Wedding Radio Watchdog, and more.

MWS 279: Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit sketch comedy
Episode 279: Our guests this episode are the amazing Chicago sketch comedy duo Rabbit Rabbit, in Austin for this year’s Austin Sketch Fest. Talk of the Chicago sketch scene, their secret origin, a surprise reunion and more.

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Brand tretinoin

Episode 278: Austin sketch comedy mainstay Bryan “Lubu” Roberts is our guest. We talk about his numerous sketch comedy projects, Mascot Wedding Radio Watchdog, lazy pronunciations, and more.

MWS 277: Cody Hustak

Episode 277: The wonderful Cody Hustak joins the magic boys in-studio. A LOT of Austin comedy talk. Plus Moontower, Busted magazine, Cody goes to jail, and more. But most important of all – please follow Cody on twitter everybody. Let’s get those Hustak numbers up!

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Gold Lion 3: Mitch Gavin

We’re still ramping back up so here is an Extrasode – another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion. This best-of nugget is from our second-ever show, featuring a call from TV executive Mitch Gavin back in 2007. Holy shit guys, we’ve been doing this show for almost 7 years. Yikes and a half. Next week, we’ll be back with a brand new episode featuring Cody Hustak

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