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Two news bits.

1. Master Pancake Theater will be taking their show on the road this week for a one night only performance of Conan the Barbarian at the Mason Park Drafthouse in Katy, TX. Join Master Pancake Theater and guests David and Mac as they make fun of Ahnuldt’s break out role. Tix and more information on the Mason Park Drafthouse site.

2. Also, Mac’s comic strip Bill and Erik is now being featured on Stop by every Monday for a re-polished comic from the Bill and Erik archives.

Master Pancake: Conan shows until the end of time!

I’ve got to stop using words like “final.” Since our last “final” show of Conan we’ve had another show and now we’re scheduled for one more this Friday and another at the Houston Drafthouse (technically Katy, TX) on September 13th. The shows themselves have been great. Each show has sold out and each has its own little unique moments. Different jokes work on different nights and some jokes never work yet I keep using them. During the last one, half a row of people got up and left when they realized we were going to be making jokes over the movie. I guess they really wanted to go to a midnight screening of a movie they could easily rent. On the plus side, they left their entire pitcher of beer, which sound maestro Duggles swiped and brought over to us. That’s a win.

Did I mention that the print we have sucks? Everything is red. It’s like watching a normal movie when I’m having a rage out. Jara’s taken a whole bunch of photos that I’m sure he’ll post sooner or later. In the meantime I’ll try and get some other stuff on here, so you don’t think this is just a Conan the Barbarian blog.

I just googled “blogbarian” and got 182 hits. I’m going to show up for the next show (this Friday) in an Aquaman costume just for the hell of it. You heard it here first.

Memen2 wins Audience Award at Unnecessary Sequels Competition

I’m pleased to announce that Memen2, Mascot Wedding’s entry into the Alamo Drafthouse’s Unnecessary Sequels competition, won the Audience Award this past Tuesday night at the awards screening. The award is based on audience balloting from the preliminary screenings.

So yeah, we won some money and we’re the people’s champ, just like the Rock! Not too shabby. We’d also like to congratulate the grand prize winner, Schindler’s Lists.

One more time in cased you missed it, here are all the people that made Memen2:

Cast and crew: Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, David Jara, Joe Shaffer and Dave Youmans

Additional Cast: Hunter Chenevert, Long Le and Ashley Moreno

Sound by Doug Hanshaw

Camera provided by Sam Le

Written by David Jara

Directed by Dave Youmans

Thanks go to everyone who worked on it, all who voted for it, and to Drafthouse for putting on another fun contest.