Master Pancake: Conan shows until the end of time!

I’ve got to stop using words like “final.” Since our last “final” show of Conan we’ve had another show and now we’re scheduled for one more this Friday and another at the Houston Drafthouse (technically Katy, TX) on September 13th. The shows themselves have been great. Each show has sold out and each has its own little unique moments. Different jokes work on different nights and some jokes never work yet I keep using them. During the last one, half a row of people got up and left when they realized we were going to be making jokes over the movie. I guess they really wanted to go to a midnight screening of a movie they could easily rent. On the plus side, they left their entire pitcher of beer, which sound maestro Duggles swiped and brought over to us. That’s a win.

Did I mention that the print we have sucks? Everything is red. It’s like watching a normal movie when I’m having a rage out. Jara’s taken a whole bunch of photos that I’m sure he’ll post sooner or later. In the meantime I’ll try and get some other stuff on here, so you don’t think this is just a Conan the Barbarian blog.

I just googled “blogbarian” and got 182 hits. I’m going to show up for the next show (this Friday) in an Aquaman costume just for the hell of it. You heard it here first.

Master Pancake + Mascot Wedding = Conan the Barbarian

No, that’s not a math equation made up entirely of Japanese band names. Mascot Wedding’s own Mac Blake and David Jara will be teaming with the movie heckling comedy phenomenon Master Pancake Theater (John Erler and Joe Parsons) to skewer Conan the Barbarian.

The first show is this Wednesday, July 11th at the South Lamar Drafthouse. This is the first time Master Pancake has stepped to the mic as a foursome so you’re going to want to get front row seats to the clusterfuck. Here’s the official Drafthouse thingee:

MASTER PANCAKE THEATER returns to the Alamo screens this month with perhaps the ultimate summer movie of all time – CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Now, I know, CONAN might not have as many explosions as other movies. And there aren’t giant robots, either (but can you imagine how awesome it would be if Conan did fight a Transformer?). I stand by the claim of CONAN as an ultimate movie of the summer, though, because no one in the movie bothers with those pesky “shirts” that we’re all burdened with whenever we aren’t at Barton Springs.

Of course, a lack of clothing isn’t the only requirement when you’re cooking up an ultimate summer movie; you also need plenty of quotable lines. And 25 years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger said one of the greatest lines of movie history:

“Top 3 things in life: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

Ahhhh. What more can you want? Oh! How about if this month’s rotating cast member to join John and Joe was actually TWO cast members? And what if they’re Mac Blake and David Jara, all around funnymen and award-winning filmmaker duo responsible for the number one BLANKS ON A BLANK film, RACCOONS ON A SPACE SHUTTLE?

MASTER PANCAKE will be rotating between the Village and South Lamar every Wednesday during the interim while we await the construction to finish at the Ritz, starting July 11. Don’t miss it!

So come on out and laff along as we watch the future governor of California punch a camel, fight hippies, and bed every lady in a three mile radius. See ya there chochachos.

Alamo South Lamar: Wednesday, July 11th 9:45 and Wednesday, July 25th 9:45

Alamo Village: Wednesday, July 18th 9:45 and Wednesday, August 1st 9:45

For advance tickets visit

Memen2 wins Audience Award at Unnecessary Sequels Competition

I’m pleased to announce that Memen2, Mascot Wedding’s entry into the Alamo Drafthouse’s Unnecessary Sequels competition, won the Audience Award this past Tuesday night at the awards screening. The award is based on audience balloting from the preliminary screenings.

So yeah, we won some money and we’re the people’s champ, just like the Rock! Not too shabby. We’d also like to congratulate the grand prize winner, Schindler’s Lists.

One more time in cased you missed it, here are all the people that made Memen2:

Cast and crew: Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, David Jara, Joe Shaffer and Dave Youmans

Additional Cast: Hunter Chenevert, Long Le and Ashley Moreno

Sound by Doug Hanshaw

Camera provided by Sam Le

Written by David Jara

Directed by Dave Youmans

Thanks go to everyone who worked on it, all who voted for it, and to Drafthouse for putting on another fun contest.


Unnecessary Sequels and a few opening words

As you can tell, our website is still in its infant stages. For the moment, is little more than what you see right now. We’ll try to post a couple of updates in the next few weeks and maybe add a link or two, but we can’t make any promises as far as the immediate future. Over the next few months our hope is to vastly improve the look and feel of this site, populate it with content, and make this site one that you can visit on a regular basis to meet your Recommended Daily Allowance of comedy and entertainment.

In the meantime, you’re probably here because you saw our entry in the Alamo Drafthouse Unnecessary Sequel contest. The good news is that we just received word that our entry has made it into the final round of 13. The bad news is that the competition looks pretty good. The even better news is that I slept with one the judges. Actually, I don’t think she was a real judge. Maybe we won’t be winners according to the Drafthouse, but if I ever have to go in front of the Federal Court of Appeals, ho boy, is that gonna be sweet.

Here is our Unnecessary Sequel to MementoMemen2!