MWS 266: Kerri Lendo

Episode 266: Guest Kerri Lendo has a high tolerance for our dumb stuff in this episode. We talk about porn emails, computer heat, a strange mall, The Newsroom, Zookeeper, Fassbender’s hang, and more.

Also, here is Kerri’s delightful Etsy store, if you would like to peruse it.

Recorded on 9/19/13

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MWS 265: Jeff Whitaker and Tre Fuentes

Episode 265: From the comedy group Whalehouse, Jeff Whitaker and Tre Fuentes join Mac and David in studio. Plus, surprise guest Paul Bearer! We talk about approaches to comedy, Tre in Waco, repressed memories, asshole geniuses, and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

Recorded on 9/03/13

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MWS 264: Matt Bearden and Charlie Hodge

Episode 264: Matt Bearden and Charlie Hodge join Mac and David to talk about Matt’s dying car, growing up, Taco Bell, Houston, PUNCH!, and more. Plus, a shitty sound board!

Recorded on 8/27/13

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MWS 262: Doug Mellard

Episode 262: The podcast lions are joined by a very hungover Doug Mellard. Listen to Doug’s tales of lady troubles, crime, bus terrors, and allergic Terminators. Plus whales and death shits. Pretty good show.

Recorded on 8/06/13

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MWS 261: Charlie Hodge

Episode 261: The Mascot Wedding Show is back! We’re very happy to report that we’re podcasting again thanks to Charlie Hodge. Charlie has been a staple of Austin radio for the last umpteen years. He currentl broadcasts the Hodge Happy Hour every weekday, 6-7pm on 104.9 The Horn and produces the award-winning Hodgecast. David and I (hi, this is Mac) will be recording out of the Hodge Studios (a small studio behind Charlie’s house) on a weekly basis.

What’s changed? Not a whole lost. We can drink and swear now tha we’re not on radio. That can’t be good, right? We’re still getting our feet under us but soon you’ll start to notice some new features on the program – just us tryign new stuff.

As for Episode 261? We talk to our lovely host Charlie. Also: superhero movie talk, an afterlife computer, an impression-off, and a terrible Keith Moon radioplay.
Recorded on 7/30/13

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MWS 260: An End

Episode 260: KOOP shows the Mascot Wedding Show the door, and David and Mac didn’t let it hit them in the ass on the way out. Some show reminiscing, talk about terrible rock, and Eeyore’s Birthday.

Opener: “Which of the Two of Us is Gonna Burn this House Down” by The Star Spangles, from the album Bazooka
Closer: “Metal Detektor” by Spoon, from the album A Series of Sneaks

MWS 259: Danny Palumbo and Byron Brown

Episode 259: Funny dudes Danny Palumbo and Byron Brown join us for our second to last KOOP broadcast. Wacky apartment adventures, secrets of Pittsburg, Byron’s country music efforts and more!
Original air date 4/20/13

Opener: “Prima Materia” by The Virgins, from the album Strike Gently
“Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” by Thee Oh Sees, from the album Floating Coffin

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The Mascot Wedding Show’s Last Broadcast.

The Mascot Wedding Show is going off the air.

This decision is not what we wanted, but that’s the way it goes and we bear no ill will toward KOOP. Our last broadcast is April 27th, which means that – as of this writing – you have two more opportunities to catch us on the radio (6-7pm on 91.7 FM in Austin or streaming live at We’re looking forward to making full use of this time and enjoying our final shows. We hope you tune in.

As for the future of the program, we’re still figuring that out. We do know we’re doing a live MWS on Friday May 24th at the Spiderhouse Ballroom as part of Austin Sketch Fest (time tbd). Beyond that, we got options and factors to consider – but we’ll let you know. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any updates or news about our various night jobs and side gigs. I mean, you do know about STAG, right? Or the stuff we do at ColdTowne? Or Mac’s stand-up? Or Master Pancake? Guys, trust us. If you ever need a Mac or David fix, it won’t be hard to get.

Thank you for your support and generosity for the past five-plus years and the past 250-plus episodes. We look forward to seeing what the future holds.

PS – Folks waiting on podcasts or pledge drive premiums – no worries, they’re still coming.