Upcoming MW Events

Hey crew. Mac here. Everyone got their calendars out? Good. Here are some upcoming Mascot Wedding live events!

++This Wednesday, October 13: Master Pancake Video Jukebox. An all-star short attention span event. David and myself will be mocking music videos along with John Erler, Mary Jo Pehl, Martha Kelly, Gilstrap & Ramirez (more on them later), Scott Chester, Ben Bartley and others. 7 PM @ Alamo South Lamar. Tix here.

++This Saturday, October 16: KOOP’s War of the Weekend. David and myself will be hosting the Saturday line-up of this two-day event benefitting our beloved KOOP radio. Live bands, DJ sets by the Saturday KOOP DJs, and more of us than you can probably stand. 4 PM to Midnight @ Club Deville. Only $5 at the door. Flyer here.

++Monday, October 25: Hot Property @ the Monday Night Mash. Rescheduled

++Thursday, October 28: Mac hosts the Velveeta Room Open Mic. That’s me! I’ll be hosting this open mic from 9:30 to probably past midnight. I’m only going to do a short warm-up set at the beginning. The real reason I’m posting this is the hope that some of you take pity on me. I’ll be there for three hours probably. Come and say hi to me ferchrissakes! 9:30 @ the Velveeta Room (downtown).

++Sunday November 14: Stag Comedy. This is the big one. Trust me that you’ll be hearing more about this show as the date nears. This is an all new sketch comedy show from Mascot Wedding Productions. This is going to melt your face off. I swear it! The time isn’t set yet, but it’ll be at the Alamo Ritz Downtown. If you miss this you’ll hate yourself forever. For realzies, this show is gonna be epic.

KOOP Membership Drive Hits the Mascot Wedding Show

It's Winning Time!
Hey everyone! KOOP Radio’s Fall Membership Drive is upon us once again. I say this without exaggeration — this is one of our favorite times of year at the Mascot Wedding Show. “Oh, why, because you get to bilk us out of money?” Come on, don’t be snide. I’m trying to create a genuine moment here.

It’s our favorite time of year because it gives us a chance to thank YOU on air for supporting our show and supporting KOOP. We’ve been doing this radio show for three years now, and we couldn’t have made it without the institution that is KOOP, and the support of listeners like you.

We’ll be on the air asking for pledges for the next three weeks, so please call in and help support KOOP. We’ll have on-air guests, special surprises, AND all pledges over 25 dollars will receive our WINNING TIME FUN PAK, a collection of goodies that we’re putting together as our way of saying thanks. So, please tune in to 91.7 FM or online at www.koop.org. Or just call in — 472-5667 or nationwide at 1-888-917-5667. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Membership Drive Wrap-up and Crush Report

Last week, the (Best of Austin) Mascot Wedding show wrapped up its Fall KOOP Membership Drive run with nothing less than its best membership show ever, all thanks to you, the listners! Oh-em-eff-gee you guys crushed it. YOU CRUSHED IT! It was our single best show ever in terms of the amount raised for our beloved community radio station, and the best full pledge run (all three shows) for our show so far. If you want a sign that the show is growing, it’s right there in your support. Thanks so much to the following pledgers: Randy, John G., (Anonymous), Misty, Nelda, and Robert. Special thanks to Charles C. for pledging for a second time. Jeepers! Everyone who didn’t pledge, look at these names and be humbled. They are your radio champions.

Thanks also to last week’s special guest, Dylan McKenzie from Writing on the Air. The fun packs will be mailed out in the next four weeks.

Last week’s playlist:
Opener: “Quiet Little Voices” by We Were Promised Jetpacks, off the album These Four Walls
“Ditch Road” by Jack-O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers, off the album The Disco Outlaw
“Do Ya Wanna Get It?” by the John Spencer Blues Explosion, off the Jukebox Explosion collection
“Yea Yeah” by Matt & Kim, off their self-titled album
Closer: “Quicksand” by Silkworm, off the album Firewater

Last KOOP Membership Drive show for Mascot Wedding Today!

Last Saturday was show number two for Mascot Wedding during KOOP’s Fall Membership Drive and our listeners continued to come through, especially Dana for pledging her support for a second week in a row. We’d also like to thank heroes Fancy and Steve for standing tall and pledging their support for KOOP. Those heroes either called (512) 472-5667 [toll free 1-888-917-5667] or pledged online at koop.org. Thanks also to our special guest Jay Robillard, legendary host of The Lounge Show.

We’re going to try and keep that momentum going on today’s show featuring special guest Jay Robillard. Remember, every pledge of at least $25 gets you the Mascot Wedding premium, You Wanna Get Crushed? Fun Pack, which includes an exclusive CD + sticker.

Last week’s playlist:
Opener: “Commin’ Home” by Cheeseburger, off the Commin’ Home single
“Soft Shock (Acoustic)” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, off the album It’s Blitz!
“Bag of Hammers” by Thao Nguyen and The Get Down Stay Down, off the album We Brave Bee Stings and All
Closer: “Daylight” by Matt and Kim, off the album Grand

MWS KOOP Membership Drive Update

Last week was our first show of KOOP’s Fall Membership Drive and our listeners kicked the ass fantastic. We’d like to thank Dana T, Amanda D, Dan K, Charles C, and William B for standing tall and pledging their support for KOOP. Those heroes either called (512) 472-5667 [toll free 1-888-917-5667] or pledged online at koop.org. Thanks also to our special guest Mr. Harris, co-host of the Graveside Service on KOOP.

We’re going to try and keep that momentum going on today’s show featuring special guest Jay Robillard. Remember, every pledge of at least $25 gets you the Mascot Wedding premium, You Wanna Get Crushed? Fun Pack, which includes an exclusive CD + sticker.

Last week’s playlist:
Opener: “The Boys are Leaving Town” by Japandroids, off the album Post-Nothing
“Codes” by Jason Lowenstein, off the album At Sixes and Sevens
“East of Hercules” by Ume, off the Sunshower EP
“Everyone’s Born to Die” by ELO, off the album “ELO 2″
Closer: “Over It” by Dinosaur Jr., off the album Farm

the Mascot Wedding show: 10/18/08 + Pledge Drive Wrap-up

This was our final show of the KOOP Fall 2K8 Membership Drive. Thanks to everyone who pledged during our three-week run. You guys are the true heroes of KOOP. The rest of you are most likley scum. What’s that? You pledged during the Spring Membership Drive? Okay, you’re still a hero.

I hope everyone enjoys the show-exclusive premiums. They’re going to be mailed out separately by us in November. So if you get a package of KOOP swag in the mail and don’t see your copy of Erler and Sons vol 2, no worries, it’s coming.

Since these shows aren’t really “for the ages”, I’ll most likely take down the podcast episodes in a week. So listen to them while you have the chance… if you want to listen to them that is. They’re pretty much just yelling. Plus you can hear the annoyed choreographer trying to keep David and Mac on track.

And finally congrats to Patrick G. who won our mini-raffle and will be getting all of the mix CD’s we make for the show. Thanks again to everyone!

[Podcast of Episode 045 not available]

Opener: “Ever Lovin’ Man” by The Dirtbombs, off the album We Have You Surrounded
“Leather Jacket” by Ben Folds Five, off the No Boundaries compilation
“Teenage FBI” by Guided by Voices, off the album The Best of Guided by Voices: Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
“Last Day of Magic” by The Kills, off the album Midnight Boom
Closer: “Jump into the Fire” by Harry Nilsson, off the album Nilsson Schmilsson

Final Membership Drive show for Mascot Wedding! Listen this Saturday!

This Saturday is our last show during KOOP’s Fall 2008 Membership Drive it’s also your last chance to score our exclusive album Erler and Sons vol 2 featuring call-in bits by myself, David Jara, and John Erler. If that isn’t enough to entice you, we’ll also have other albums to give out as well as tickets to see Ben Folds @ Stubbs. So before you watch the Battle Cattle take on Missouri, turn your radio to 91.7 FM or your computer to koop.org and listen from 6-7 PM to the Mascot Wedding show.

Here’s some video from last week’s overly manic show. I’ll calm down this week, I promise.

WE DID IT! (and special offer)

On yesterday’s Mascot Wedding show we raised over $500, pushing our two-show total to over $700. You did it! For a rookie show with a 30-minute time slot this is unprecendented. Thanks so much to everyone who pledged. There were some people that were pledging during the closing minutes of our show who we didn’t get to thank on the air but we shall do that next week as well as the drawing for the bill and erik prize pack.

Thanks so much to everyone who pledged. David and I are so proud of each and everyone of you. KOOP thanks you, we thank you, and we hope you like the premiums (which we’ll be mailing out sometime in May).

If there are any Mascot Wedding fans out there who didn’t get a chance to pledge during our show; because I love KOOP so much, if you make a pledge of at least $25 between now and the end of pledge drive, send me an email with your time and date of pledge and I’ll hook you up with our comedy CD. mac(at)billanderik(dot)com

I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to do that, but people have been asking me about it, and I can’t turn away possible support for KOOP. It will just be for the CD btw, the shirt and prize pack offers will remain exclusive to those who pledged during the show.

Membership Drive and Exclusive CD

Hey folks. 91.7 KOOP FM is currently in the midst of the spring membership drive, our on-air fundraising campaign. Without the support we get from our listeners during these drives, KOOP would not be able to stay on the air. So without your donations, we would not have a show. Due to the attack on KOOP earlier in the year, this might be our most important drive ever.

To try and sweeten the deal and encourage donations, David and I have cooked up a special donation premium for people who pledge during our show. In addition to the donation premiums that KOOP is already offering, everyone who pledges at least $25 dollars during our show will get a CD featuring exclusive material from myself and David; including a phone call we did on our pilot show and comedy bits recorded just for this premium.
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