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Stag Comedy Lands This Sunday

If you’ve been wondering why things have been so quiet here, it’s because the Mascot Wedding crew has been working like coked-out bees to ready a new sketch comedy show. That’s right, Stag Comedy is back!
Stag Comedy Nov 14 at the Ritz
This is an official Mascot Wedding production and it’s gonna be bad-ass. This Sunday, November 14 at 7 PM, we’re going to unleash 21 new sketches, 10 video, 11 live. We’ve been pouring everything we’ve got into this. I feel like I shouldn’t have to sell this any more than that. It’s going to be fucking hilarious! You’re fucked if you don’t see it, fucked.
Tix are only $8.50 and you can by them here.
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STAG! Comedy: Live + Video Sketch Comedy featuring Mascot Wedding! This Sunday!

STAG! Sketch Comedy
STAG! Sketch Comedy

I am really excited about this, everyone. REALLY excited. This Sunday at the Downtown Alamo Ritz, STAG! Comedy will take the stage for a mix of live and video sketches. STAG! is comprised of Joe Parsons, Ben Bartley, Scott Chester (Master Pancake Theater, Comedy Sportz), and all of us kids in Mascot Wedding (David, Long, Ximena, Dave and Mac). We’ve been working on this show all summer and we think it’s going to be a blast. I’d tell you more about the kind of stuff you’re going to see but I don’t want to spoil anything.
This show is one-time only! So come downtown to the Alamo Drafthouse, this Sunday, September 13th. Show starts at 7:10 PM. Tix here.