(Insert stirring Bill Pullman speech here)

You have your own July 4th traditions I’m sure. Personally, I used to celebrate by finding a limey, boxing his ears and stealing the gold coin that’s underneath his powdered wig. However, David and myself have spent the last two Independence Days at the Downtown Alamo Ritz making fun of (what else) Roland Emmerich’s 1996 B-list parade Independence Day along with Master Pancake Theater. This is the landmark film that proved alien computers are Macintosh compatible.

These shows are always a lot of fun. You gather with your fellow freedom enthusiasts and watch Will Smith blow shit up. Pretty great! The only downside is I’ll be out of town, so David, Joe and John will have to make double sure that our colors don’t run (right?).

Seriously folks, these shows are super fun. You got 5 chances to see it this weekend. Tix and showtimes here. These shows will sell-out!

BTW: As a result there will be not be a Mascot Wedding Show on KOOP this Saturday.