The Hustle Show Episode 1 Tonight!

Do the something!

The pilot episode of The Hustle Show was a rousing success! People, got roused, y’all. ColdTowne Theater has made our modern comedy variety show a permanent part of their schedule. We’ll be the second Thursday in every month and looking at my MDC (Mayan doomsday calendar) that means we return TONIGHT!

So, what does episode 1 have for YOU?
Stand-up from Ramin Nazer!
Special musical appearance by John Ratliff!
An interview with a dude who was on Friday Night Lights (our own Jeffy!)
A video!
Time travel!
Dumb car enthusiasts!
And more.

We’ve also added Curtis Luciani from Your Terrific Neighbors to the cast. How awesome is that?

10PM Tonight. ColdTowne Theater. $5 BYOB. We sold out last time, so buy advance tickets here to guarantee entry. Show run time estimated at 75 minutes, more or less.

Starring Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Curtis Luciani, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whtaker.
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara