The Beginning of The End

As you may have heard at the end of Episode 292, The Mascot Wedding Show is ending at episode 300. Yes, we know that’s right around the corner. Yes, we know it’ll be here before we know it. It’s okay to cry, my sweet boy or girl. Let it out now.

For those who are just hearing this news for the first time, here is the shortened version: David is leaving Austin soon and, rather than try to keep MWS going as some sort of cringeworthy Skype/Dropbox frankenpodcast across a couple of time zones, we figured 300 episodes was as good a time as any to call it a day. It was an easy decision given the circumstances, but by no means was this our favorite decision. We have always enjoyed doing this show, and our recent rebirth as a podcast has been a lot of fun. But these things happen, you know?

That said, we don’t want to mope around and treat this like a sad occasion. Your radio lions want to go out with a bang. As of this writing, we are eight episodes away from 300. We’re already planning some super-fun stuff for the home stretch, and we’re excited for you to hear them. That’s the thing, though. We want people to hear them. A lot of people. We want to go out on top, which means we would like to go out with more listeners than we’ve ever had before. Here’s how you can help with that:

  • Subscribe to the show on iTunes
  • Leave us a positive review on iTunes. The iTunes algorithm likes that sort of thing, and so do we. If we like your review, we’ll read it on the air.
  • Help us spread the word. Tell your friends about the show. Link to our Facebook or Twitter.
  • Listen to the archives, either through iTunes or right here at There’s enough comedy here to get you through dozens of road trips.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy our final episodes. We’re honored to have been part of your listening habits for the past eight(?!) years. Consider these final episodes our way of saying thanks.