MWS KOOP Membership Drive Update

Last week was our first show of KOOP’s Fall Membership Drive and our listeners kicked the ass fantastic. We’d like to thank Dana T, Amanda D, Dan K, Charles C, and William B for standing tall and pledging their support for KOOP. Those heroes either called (512) 472-5667 [toll free 1-888-917-5667] or pledged online at Thanks also to our special guest Mr. Harris, co-host of the Graveside Service on KOOP.

We’re going to try and keep that momentum going on today’s show featuring special guest Jay Robillard. Remember, every pledge of at least $25 gets you the Mascot Wedding premium, You Wanna Get Crushed? Fun Pack, which includes an exclusive CD + sticker.

Last week’s playlist:
Opener: “The Boys are Leaving Town” by Japandroids, off the album Post-Nothing
“Codes” by Jason Lowenstein, off the album At Sixes and Sevens
“East of Hercules” by Ume, off the Sunshower EP
“Everyone’s Born to Die” by ELO, off the album “ELO 2”
Closer: “Over It” by Dinosaur Jr., off the album Farm