MW Improv performs with Movie Riot

Mascot Wedding Improv rides again! That’s correct, we are one of the few improv groups to perform on horseback. Since we’re close to shuttering our podcast doors for good, we decided to dust off our so-so improv skills one final time. Thankfully we’re teaming up with some of the funniest people we know. Mascot Wedding Improv (Mac + David + Ximena Estrada) will be performing with Move Riot, two Fridays in a row at ColdTowne Theater.

Movie Riot creates brand new, never-before-seen movies, live on stage. And during their Spin-off Summer series, you pick the movie, they’ll make up the spin-off on the spot. Plus free margaritas, popcorn, and movie candies and opening act Loverboy. $5 in advance, $8 at the door.

We can say with a fair amount of certainty this will be MW’s last improv go-around, so these are your final chances to see… this kind of thing.

Friday, June 19th at 7pm.
Friday, June 26th at 7pm.


Gold Lion 8: Aaron Brooks


It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a best-of nugget from a past show. On this short EXTRAsode, comedian Aaron Brooks creates some audio erotica for us. Absolutely one of our favorite show moments. The full interview with Aaron is great, and you can listen to it right here.

MWS 294: Houston Savage

Episode 294: In this episode David and Mac finally encounter Houston Savage, the host of the confusing Mascot Wetting Show. Plus, Mac is exposed for being old and complainy.

Thanks to Lisa Friedrich for letting us record this at her place and to Dustin Svelhak for recording it. Check out their podcast Almost Related. Doug Hanshaw sound-engineered the opening audio clip, which was recorded in 2008 for a radio station fundraiser. The new MW theme is by the great band Mirror Travel. And for no specific reason whatsoever, special thanks to John Merriman.

MWS 293: Carlos LaRotta

Episode 293: Carlos LaRotta from the comedy group Movie Riot is our guest. Mac and David almost get tornadoed away. Cook-out tips! Reasons for blocking people on Facebook. And another world-famous Mascot Wedding vision quest.

Truckeez collection now on sale!

For the first time ever we’re selling something! Now on our bandcamp is a collection of our interactions with one of our favorite characters, Arthur Truckee. Previously only available for people who pledged to a radio station five years ago, this 6-track album is now available for one lousy stinking dollar. That’s it! If you want to sample one of the tracks before committing 100 pennies to it, you may do so below.

Our Scharpling & Wurster love is on full display on this thing and we think that’s great. Enjoy!

The Beginning of The End

As you may have heard at the end of Episode 292, The Mascot Wedding Show is ending at episode 300. Yes, we know that’s right around the corner. Yes, we know it’ll be here before we know it. It’s okay to cry, my sweet boy or girl. Let it out now.

For those who are just hearing this news for the first time, here is the shortened version: David is leaving Austin soon and, rather than try to keep MWS going as some sort of cringeworthy Skype/Dropbox frankenpodcast across a couple of time zones, we figured 300 episodes was as good a time as any to call it a day. It was an easy decision given the circumstances, but by no means was this our favorite decision. We have always enjoyed doing this show, and our recent rebirth as a podcast has been a lot of fun. But these things happen, you know?
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MWS 292: Bad Boys

Episode 292: From the comedy group Bad Boys, Byron Brown and Sam Malcolm join us in studio for a packed show. How packed? We have a Mascot Wedding Vision Quest, a scene from the movie Vision Quest, some strip club talk, 9/11’s affect on relationships, and more. Plus, stay tuned till the end for a very big announcement.

Gold Lion 5: Mac’s Brother Calvin


It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a short, best-of nugget from a past show. On this short EXTRAsode, we have the first call with Mac’s brother Calvin. The MWS proper will be back next week with a full episode.

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