the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 02/21/08

Episode 013: The show had a really good topic so if you’re not happy with the outcome, blame the callers. David and Mac want to know what your dressing room demands would be if you were a rockstar. The boys continue to resist the on-air endorsements and they also get a call at the very end from someone who thinks they called a local hip-hop station.

Opener: “Solid Gold” by the Eagles of Death Metal, off the album Death by Sexy
Closer: “Everything You’ve Done Wrong” by Sloan, off the album A sides win

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 02/14/08

Episode 012: After signal failures kept two great shows in a row off the air, David and Mac finally broadcast uninterrupted and they turn in a stinker as they have to fight through technical problems. Good night! The boys continue to get annoyed at their forced corporate toadying. Valentine’s day talk. A police chief calls the show looking for another cop.

Opener: “You’re So Good To Me” by The Langley Schools Music Project, off the album Innocence and Despair
Closer: “When the Girl of Your Dreams” by The Spectors, off the album Beat is Murder

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 02/07/08

Episode 011: Another Lost Broadcast!

This show was once again lost to the airwaves and once again David and Mac didn’t know. The temporary studio’s signal problems ruins another game of What Up. The boys bristle at having to read ad copy for their sponsors. Mac gets a call from a rival DJ.

Opener: “Not the Same” by Ben Folds, off the album Rockin’ the Suburbs
Closer: “Ode to a Black Man” by The Dirtbombs, off the album Ultraglide in Black

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 01/31/08

Episode 010: The Lost Broadcast!

The magic boys are back on the air… but for not for long. About half way through the show, the station’s signal dies. Mac and David don’t know this and continue to soldier on. The signal probably killed itself after hearing Mac drone on about the Death Wish movies.

Opener: “The Second Coming” by Juelz Santana and Just Blaze
Closer: “Walk Hard” by John C. Reilly off the soundtrack album Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

EXTRA TRACK! As an added bonus here’s an audio clip of some pre-show banter with our lead-in.

Download: “the Mascot Wedding show PreGame Banter”

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 01/03/08

Episode 009: The boys play a rousing game of “Who am I kidding?”, in which David reveals the secret shame of his Netflix queue, leaving Mac astounded and curious. Plus a call from a famous football coach.

Opener: “Young Man’s Blues” by the Who off the album Odds and Sods
Closer: “I’m Gonna Kill You” by Wynn Stewart off the album After the Storm

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 12/13/07

Episode 006: A representative from the Bowl Familiarization Committee tries to sell Mac something, David talks a little baseball and the return of a creepy caller.

Opener: “Blind Prayer” by Rod Stewart, off The Rod Stewart Album
Closer: “Miracle Drug” by A.C. Newman, off the album The Slow Wonder

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 12/06/07

Episode 005: David complains about not feeling sick. Wait, what? Some Vegas talk and a guy who used to work with David calls looking for a favor.

Opener: “Song Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel, off the album On Avery island
Closer: “Jenny & the Ess-Dog” by Stephen Malkmus, off the album Stephen Malkmus

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 11/22/07

Episode 003: Thanksgiving day solo show! While other shows aired reruns, Mascot Wedding nutted-up and had a live show on Thanksgiving. Mac reveals the truth about the other Thursday DJs but overall struggles in the absence of David, things to talk about, and proper show preparation. Mac’s brother Calvin calls in.

This show has been retired. To listen to the Calvin Call, go here.

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 11/15/07

Episode 002: Hey lookee. It’s the first edition of our podcast. Still ironing out some kinks, but presented here is our second show (recorded November 15) in which Mac and David talk about some upcoming movies, the writers’ strike and a local reality TV producer calls in.

Opener: “Ever Thought of Coming Back” by Kelly Stoltz, off the album Below the Branches
Closer: “Metal Detektor” by Spoon, off the album A Series of Sneaks