Road House Benefit Shows this Weekend

Friday and Saturday night, David and myself will be joining Master Pancake Theater for two shows at the Downtown Alamo Ritz, as they present Road House starring Patrick Swayze. The best part is, in honor of Swayze’s own fight with pancreatic cancer, all proceeds are going to fund pancreatic cancer research. We’re working for free tonight, folks. Here’s what the Alamo’s site has to say:
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MPT + MW vs. ET = LOL-pocalypse

For the next three weekends, Mascot Wedding’s Mac Blake and David Jara will join with Master Pancake Theater (John Erler and Joe Parsons) for their movie-mocking run of E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial at the downtown Alamo Rtitz theater here in Austin, TX.

Mascot Wedding has teamed with Master Pancake before during their runs of Roadhouse and Conan the Barbarian and now with E.T. will perform a comedy track over a movie that’s actually good. If you’re worried that this improvement in quality will lessen the comedic punches, just remember that E.T. is still a movie about a boy and his magical space-penis that’s actually a Jesus figure who likes to get lit on Coors. Sound the feasting horn!

Tix and times at

Master Pancake punches E.T. in the face! [Alamo Drafthouse Blog]

Last weekend for Road House + Radio News

The Road House shows with Master Pancake have been going really well. Last week I think we had the best crowd we’ve ever had. David almost got carried out of the theater on the joyful crowd’s shoulders on at least three separate occasions. The show has come a long way from opening weekend when I was so so sick. So SICK. I almost threw up from pain after making a joke about the Kool-Aid man. What’s that? That wasn’t from pain? That joke’s just no good? Certainly there were better ways for you to tell me that.

I’m feeling better and the show’s going great and this is your last chance to see it. We got four shows this weekend, two on Friday night, two Saturday night. If you saw our Conan show, this show blows that one out of the water. Blows it, I say! Plus it’s not as long. So folks interested in the midnight shows, I can confidently say you will be home long before the police start spraying drunks with a fire hose. Tickets here. All shows are at the glorious new downtown Alamo Ritz theater.

Radio news! The Mascot Wedding show with Mac and David is rolling along. You can hear us every Thursday from 3-3:30pm (that’s central standard, son) on 91.7 FM KOOP Austin or streaming world wide at And starting next week, we should have our podcast up and running, at which point we’ll hopefully spruce up the page to cater to the radio show a little more.

So, your to-do list: go see Master Pancake Theater’s Road House and check back here next week for podcast updates.

More Good News: Mascot Wedding (well, Master Pancake FEATURING Mascot Wedding) takes on Road House!

November is shaping up to be a very good month for us at Mascot Wedding headquarters. In addition to the radio show (starting November 8, plan your listening parties accordingly), we’ve also just been asked to join forces with Master Pancake Theater for another month of shows. The even better news is, this time you won’t have to politely smile through Conan the Barbarian. This time we’re pitching in for the mother of all “these jokes write themselves” movies: Road House! That’s right, Patrick Swayze’s finest hour (depressing as that may be) is being put in front of the Master Pancake firing squad all November at (wait for it…) the new Alamo Downtown at The Ritz! That means not only will you get to hear us completely fall over ourselves trying to deliver jokes as fast as they come to mind (come on, have you seen the movie??), you’ll get to see it in the brand new, peeing my pants with anticipation, Drafthouse on 6th Street.* Fist pump!

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You can’t stop us. You can only hope to contain us.

Holy lord. We don’t update this thing for like a month and then, seemingly out of nowhere, all hell broke loose. But it’s a good kind of hell so, to be more accurate, all heck broke loose. That’s still too harsh. All puppies broke loose. That’s the one.

Two big – HUGE even – items to pass along:

1) After over a month apart, Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake Theater are together again! Fresh off our guest run for Pancake’s take on Conan the Barbarian, CPO (Chief Pancake Officer) John Erler has asked me (David) to pitch in for a couple of shows while VP (Vice Pancake) Joe Parsons takes a couple of days off, so come check me out this Thursday (10/25) and Friday (10/26) at the Alamo Village and Alamo South Lamar, respectively. Unfortunately my partner (Mac) will not take part in the shows due to scheduling conflicts. Apparently he’s scheduled a night of heavy drinking for Friday night and he really hates breaking plans. But I assure you, I have his blessing and he will be cheering me on as I carry the MW torch for Master Pancake’s take on John Carpenter’s classic-by-default, Halloween. Yay!

Check out the Alamo Drafthouse website for tickets and show information, and I hope to see you there.

2) Now for the big news… Mascot Wedding is on the air. Well, not yet, but in a couple of weeks we will be. KOOP-FM (91.7 on your Austin dial, on your internet whatever) has granted us a show Thursdays from 3-3:30 PM starting November 8. We’re getting a full-half-hour for music, comedy, and anything else we feel like doing, and we pass the savings on to you. So, don’t forget to check us out starting November 8 as we kick off KOOP’s Mighty Thursday lineup.

Not too shabby, eh? We’re blowin’ up, son. The question now is how long before you get sick of us? I’m setting the over/under at six weeks.

Conan hits Houston + Bill and Erik learns to love again

Two news bits.

1. Master Pancake Theater will be taking their show on the road this week for a one night only performance of Conan the Barbarian at the Mason Park Drafthouse in Katy, TX. Join Master Pancake Theater and guests David and Mac as they make fun of Ahnuldt’s break out role. Tix and more information on the Mason Park Drafthouse site.

2. Also, Mac’s comic strip Bill and Erik is now being featured on Stop by every Monday for a re-polished comic from the Bill and Erik archives.

Master Pancake: Conan shows until the end of time!

I’ve got to stop using words like “final.” Since our last “final” show of Conan we’ve had another show and now we’re scheduled for one more this Friday and another at the Houston Drafthouse (technically Katy, TX) on September 13th. The shows themselves have been great. Each show has sold out and each has its own little unique moments. Different jokes work on different nights and some jokes never work yet I keep using them. During the last one, half a row of people got up and left when they realized we were going to be making jokes over the movie. I guess they really wanted to go to a midnight screening of a movie they could easily rent. On the plus side, they left their entire pitcher of beer, which sound maestro Duggles swiped and brought over to us. That’s a win.

Did I mention that the print we have sucks? Everything is red. It’s like watching a normal movie when I’m having a rage out. Jara’s taken a whole bunch of photos that I’m sure he’ll post sooner or later. In the meantime I’ll try and get some other stuff on here, so you don’t think this is just a Conan the Barbarian blog.

I just googled “blogbarian” and got 182 hits. I’m going to show up for the next show (this Friday) in an Aquaman costume just for the hell of it. You heard it here first.

Master Pancake + Mascot Wedding = Conan the Barbarian

No, that’s not a math equation made up entirely of Japanese band names. Mascot Wedding’s own Mac Blake and David Jara will be teaming with the movie heckling comedy phenomenon Master Pancake Theater (John Erler and Joe Parsons) to skewer Conan the Barbarian.

The first show is this Wednesday, July 11th at the South Lamar Drafthouse. This is the first time Master Pancake has stepped to the mic as a foursome so you’re going to want to get front row seats to the clusterfuck. Here’s the official Drafthouse thingee:

MASTER PANCAKE THEATER returns to the Alamo screens this month with perhaps the ultimate summer movie of all time – CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Now, I know, CONAN might not have as many explosions as other movies. And there aren’t giant robots, either (but can you imagine how awesome it would be if Conan did fight a Transformer?). I stand by the claim of CONAN as an ultimate movie of the summer, though, because no one in the movie bothers with those pesky “shirts” that we’re all burdened with whenever we aren’t at Barton Springs.

Of course, a lack of clothing isn’t the only requirement when you’re cooking up an ultimate summer movie; you also need plenty of quotable lines. And 25 years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger said one of the greatest lines of movie history:

“Top 3 things in life: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

Ahhhh. What more can you want? Oh! How about if this month’s rotating cast member to join John and Joe was actually TWO cast members? And what if they’re Mac Blake and David Jara, all around funnymen and award-winning filmmaker duo responsible for the number one BLANKS ON A BLANK film, RACCOONS ON A SPACE SHUTTLE?

MASTER PANCAKE will be rotating between the Village and South Lamar every Wednesday during the interim while we await the construction to finish at the Ritz, starting July 11. Don’t miss it!

So come on out and laff along as we watch the future governor of California punch a camel, fight hippies, and bed every lady in a three mile radius. See ya there chochachos.

Alamo South Lamar: Wednesday, July 11th 9:45 and Wednesday, July 25th 9:45

Alamo Village: Wednesday, July 18th 9:45 and Wednesday, August 1st 9:45

For advance tickets visit