MWS Episode 231: Waterloo

Episode 231: Show 2 of KOOP’s Fall 2K12 Membership Drive. Mac is elsewhere, so David is joined by Stag’s Andrew Rosas and KOOP’s Rush Evans. Talk of Clint Eastwood, some Best of Austin shout outs, and Andrew encourages David’s gambling habits.

Original air date 09/01/12.

Opener: “Take ‘Em All” by Cock Sparrer, from the album Shock Troops
“New York Groove” by Ace Frehley, from his self-titled album
Closer: “Don’t Stop” by Parting Gifts, from the album Strychnine Dandelions

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MWS Episode 229: Radio Shakes and Andrew Rosas

Episode 229: Mac is on assignment, so it’s up to Stag‘s Andrew Rosas to talk David off the ledge. Topics include: David buys a car, beach towels, Chik-fil-a, actor career changes and reclamations. David fights through the no-sleep shakes.

Original air date 08/04/12.

Opener: “Temptation Eyes” by the Grass Roots, from the 20th Century Masters Collection
“Dollar Chills” by the DZ Deathrays, from the album Bloodstreams
Closer: “I’m Coming Home” by Cheap Freaks, from the album Bury Them All

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MWS Episode 224: Andrew Rosas

Episode 224: Mac is on assignment (jail), so David is joined by Stag Comedy’s Andrew Rosas. Talk of Weezer, the Doors versus Nickelback, indie rock exposed, Lebron James, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and more.

Original air date 06/30/12.

Opener: “Don’t let go” by Weezer, from the album Weezer (the green one, yo)
“Distant and Vague” by Royal Headache, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Come on, Be a No-one” by The Cribs, from the album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 01/07/12

Not pictured: Mac. Seriously? No one else was around to take the photo?

Episode 200: Oh em eff gee it’s our 200th show. To celebrate we invited some listeners to unite and form a live studio audience, including Katie Sicking, Andrew Rosas, Tre Fuentes, Courtney Sevener, Nathan the world’s nicest caller, and more. And what did we do with all this excitement and attention? Squandered it talking about dumb stuff. Talk of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, flies on food, a dumb TV show, and a future prediction segment which bombs big time. Thanks for 200, dudes!

“Couldn’t I Just Tell You” by Todd Rundgren, from the album Something/Anything?
Closer: “In the New Year” by The Walkmen, from the album You & Me

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 10/15/11


Episode 189: Mac is on assignment, but a hungover David Jara is joined by Joe Parsons and Andrew Rosas. Talk of bad movies, horror films, creepy hypothetical situations, Tales from the Crypt, and the end of The Simpsons. Full show, my friends.

Opener: “Dark Lady” by Cher, from 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of Cher
“Losers” by The Belle Brigade, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Fooling No One” by Cut Off Your Hands, from the album Hollow

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 01/01/11

Episode 150: It’s a New Year’s Day extravaganza. Mac and David are joined by Andrew Rosas and the Austin Chronicle’s Audra Schroeder for a look back at
best of 2K10. Plus a little jokes + music thing that went pretty well if I do say so myself. Super fun show that could have easily kept going for another two hours, we had THAT MUCH momentum.

Opener: “Victory” by The Walkmen, from the album Lisbon
“Status” by Mark Sultan, from the album $

The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 12/25/10

Episode 149: A very special Mascot Wedding Show because it’s the birth of your savior… David! That’s right, it’s David’s birthday (and also Christmas). Friend of the show Andrew Rosas joins us in-studio as well as special guests Valerie Ward and Sam Van Metre, who talk about some awesome plays they’re in. Plus a call from the owner of Los Quesos, some Captain Planet talk and much more.

Opener: “Spotlight on Christmas” by Rufus Wainwright, from the album McGarrigle Christmas Hour
“Don’t Tred” by Frankie Rose & The Outs, from their self-titled album
“Fox on the Run” by Sweet, from the album Desolation Boulevard
Closer: “We are the People” by Empire of the Sun, from the album Walking on a Dream