MWS 279: Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit sketch comedy
Episode 279: Our guests this episode are the amazing Chicago sketch comedy duo Rabbit Rabbit, in Austin for this year’s Austin Sketch Fest. Talk of the Chicago sketch scene, their secret origin, a surprise reunion and more.

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MWS 278: Bryan “Lubu” Roberts

Episode 278: Austin sketch comedy mainstay Bryan “Lubu” Roberts is our guest. We talk about his numerous sketch comedy projects, Mascot Wedding Radio Watchdog, lazy pronunciations, and more.

ATX Sketch Fest 2013: The Hustle Show, STAG, and a LIVE Mascot Wedding Show

One of our absolute favorite times of the year is upon us, the Austin Sketch Festival! This year, Mascot Wedding will be all over ASF with three shows including a LIVE MWS Podcast Recording. Since this is Austin Sketch Festival, we’re emphasizing the Show part of our name with a whole bunch of surprises. The ASF line-up is packed this year with headliners Superego featuring Paul F. Tompkins, plus Ennis & Kaye (with Mr. Show alum John Ennis), Your Terrific Neighbors and more groups from Austin, NYC, LA, Portland, and Chicago.

STAG! w/ There’s Waldo and Danny Palumbo
8pm Thursday May 23 at the SpiderHouse Ballroom
Get tickets.

The Mascot Wedding Show LIVE Podcast Recording
6pm Friday May 24 at the SpiderHouse Ballroom
FREE show. Save your cash for the bar.

The Hustle Show w/ Rabbit Rabbit
7pm Saturday May 25 at the SpiderHouse Ballroom
Get tickets.

You can also catch MW’s Mac Blake performing with Master Pancake Theater in a special ASF edition Thursday night.

MWS Episode 219 – Live from Austin Sketch Fest, Your Terrific Neighbors

Episode 219: The MWS comes to you live from the 29th Street Ballroom, one of the sites of the 2012 Austin Sketch Fest. The magic boys welcome one of ASF’s standout acts Your Terrific Neighbors (Joel Osborne, Courtney Hopkin, and Curtis Luciani). Talk of lunch at Wal-Mart, tucking it in, Danzig’s one man show, a preview of YTN’s morally ambiguous new projects, and more. Since we were not on the radio we could also not control our swearing! FUN!

Original recording date 05/26/12.

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The Hustle Show – Austin Sketch Fest Edition!

Austin Sketch Fest is here! Who’s that starting of the whole thing? Yep, it’s The Hustle Show, the hit monthly comedy variety show returns to ColdTowne Theater for a special best-of Sketch Fest edition. Before you roll your eyes and say, “I’ve seen it all before” – shut up, there will be some new stuff too. Plus, right after us up and coming sketch group There’s Waldo takes the stage. So what ASSORTED MAYHEM can you expect tonight? (Cool it with the questions. You’re makin’ me nervous.)

Lesson learning!
A cast member’s televised past!
Time travel!
Prank phone calls gone awry!
Snow cones explored!
Actual dumb stuff from the internet!
And more!

Hosted by Curtis Luciani and Michael Pedicano
Starring: Courtney Sevener, David McQuary, Jeff Whittaker, Tre Fuentes, Sam Malcolm, and Ann Potter.

To guarantee yourself a seat, pick up an advanced ticket here. BYOB.

MWS Episode 218 – Lance Gilstrap, Austin Sketch Fest Preview

Episode 218: David Jara is on assignment, so Mac is joined by special guest-host Lance Gilstrap to talk about the upcoming Austin Sketch Fest. A call from Brian Shortall of Delicious Moments (hint: one of the Fest’s most anticipated acts). An offhand comment leads to Lance tell true stories of his pit years. Plus, a very exciting Mascot Wedding announcement!

Original air date 05/19/12.

Opener: “All For Gold” by The Danger Is from their self-titled EP
“Rich Girls” by The Virgins, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Runaway” by Mr. Little Jeans from the Runaway single

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Austin Sketch Fest this weekend (5/27 – 5/29); STAG! Comedy secures Thursday night slot!

Austin Sketch Fest

Are you still kicking yourself for missing the last STAG! Comedy show? Are you looking for something fun to start your Memorial Day weekend? Are you a sucker for killing two birds with one stone? Well, have I got some news for you!

STAG! Comedy (featuring Mascot Wedding, as well as members of Master Pancake Theater and Comedy Sportz) will be performing Thursday, May 27th, as a part of Austin Sketch Fest. Curated by Lance Gilstrap (also a Master Pancake alum and member of the very funny Midnight Society), Austin Sketch Fest is a three day showcase of some great comedy featuring local and national sketch groups. Shows will take place at Coldtowne Theater, with additional shows taking place Saturday night at the United States Art Authority. This will be our first time performing at Coldtowne, so we’re really looking forward to the opportunity to put on a fun show at a great local venue.

For more information about Austin Sketch Fest, click here. For tickets to Thursday night’s show featuring STAG! Comedy (with Green Tuna and Turn of the Century Paris), click here.

Seating at Coldtowne Theater is very limited, so get your tickets while you can. And, if you can’t make it out to support STAG!, at least consider checking out the rest of Austin Sketch Fest. It’s a very cool event and Lance has been busting his ass to put it together.