Gold Lion 4: Eugene Fernwell


It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a short, best-of nugget from a past show. On this EXTRAsode, we have a call from Eugene Fernwell, author of There is Time for Love, Doctor Jones: Eliminating Distractions and Focusing on What’s Important along with a special guest host Ximena Estrada. The MWS proper will be back next week with an episode featuring Erin Foley. Enjoy!

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the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 02/20/10

Episode 110: Mac and David go head to head, lightning round style in a segment called “Mascot Wedding catches up.” Bone-chilling would be a good word to describe it. Plus David meets the people and a call from Eugene Fernwell.

Opener: “Across the Sea” by Weezer, off the album Pinkerton
“Teen Lovers” by the Virgins, off their self-titled album
“You Better Beware” by The Golden Boys, off the album Whiskey Flower
“Art Czars” by Japandroids, off the Art Czars single
“The Mighty Sparrow” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, off the album The Brutalist Bricks

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 11/15/08

Episode 049: David Jara is on assignment, so Mac is joined in-studio by special guest (Mascot Wedding Productions’ own) Ximena Estrada! Author Eugene Fernwell calls in. Mac bears the burden of being a rock DJ. Ximena is weary of danciness. Plus, some dumb callers, Beck talk, and more McRib talk that necessary.

Opener: “Anything ‘Cept The Truth” by the Eagles of Death Metal, off the album Heart On
“Space And The Woods (Cenzo Townshend Mix)” by Late of the Pier, off the Echoclistel Lambietroy EP
“We Are Your Friends” by Justice Vs Simian, off the We Are Your Friends single
“Pressure Zone” by Beck, off the album Midnite Vultures
Closer: “Skools Out…” by Ladytron, off the album 604