MWS 94: Erotic City Texas

Episode 94: After nine weeks of solo shows and membership drive episodes, everyone’s back! David! Mac! DJ apprentice Hupp! Together again! The callers decide to help the boys celebrate by being more off the mark than ever. That stupid balloon boy hoax inspires the magic boys to tell tales of trying to trick their parents, Craig Bettencourt calls in to collect on a bet, the Final Score, and more.

Opener: “Hideaway” by Karen O & the kids, off the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack
“Long White Desert Rose” by Spiderbags, off the album Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World
“Know Better Learn Faster” by Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, off the album Know Better Learn Faster
“My Body’s a Zombie for You” by Dead Man’s Bones, off their self-titled album
Closer: “Didn’t Tell You a Lie” by the Carbonas, off their self-titled album