MWS 266: Kerri Lendo

Episode 266: Guest Kerri Lendo has a high tolerance for our dumb stuff in this episode. We talk about porn emails, computer heat, a strange mall, The Newsroom, Zookeeper, Fassbender’s hang, and more.

Also, here is Kerri’s delightful Etsy store, if you would like to peruse it.

Recorded on 9/19/13

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MWS Episode 233: Kerri Lendo and Ed Reed

Episode 233: Lords of the Pit! No David, but Mac is ably assisted by comedians Kerri Lendo and Ed Reed. Talk of surviving comedy hate lasers, the end of Dinosaurs, cooking shows. fighting, Magic the Gathering, bomb threats, Lincoln, and somehow, still more. Fun show.
Original air date 09/15/12.

Opener: “Blue Eyes” by Ladyhawke, from the album Anxiety
“Everything is Embarassing” by Sky Ferreira, from the Ghost EP
Closer: “Hawk Highway” by Cymbals Eat Guitars, from the album Strychnine Dandelions

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 04/23/11

Episode 166: Super awesome show with super awesome guests Dan Telfer and Kerri Lendo! Some comedy talk, in your face dinosaur talk, Friday Night Lights, the Ladies Are Funny Festival, and David finds out something shocking from his birth certificate.

Opener: “Winner” by Cheeseburger, from the album Another Big Night Down the Drain
“King of the Sea” by Shannon & The Clams, from the album Sleep Talk

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast: 10/09/10

Episode 141: David and Mac are joined in-studio by comedian and creative force Kerri Lendo. There’s some talk of Kerri’s new short film, Mac can’t handle his phone’s alarm, Dan Cortese isn’t fooling anyone, loud Sun Chips bags, and David takes on hard-hitting Weezer issues. Fun show? Well yeah, but it was also maybe the funnest. Think that over.

Tyra’s Wigs

Opener: “Windstorm” by The School of Seven Bells, from the album Disconnect from Desire
“Lions and Cages” by Wolf Gang, from their self-titled album
“Drowning” by The Reigning Sound, from the album Too Much Guitar
Closer: “Glitter” by No Age, from the album Everything In Between

Kerri Lendo on Tomorrow’s MWS

The super funny comedienne, award-winning filmmaker, and friend of the show KERRI LENDO will be joining us in-studio tomorrow. If you’re next to a radio (91.7 FM) or a computer ( tomorrow and don’t tune in (6-7 CST), you’ll have only your cold empty heart to console you. And, knowing you, probably whatever’s on Netflix instant.

Check out a short film of hers after the jump.
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MWS 123: Kerri Lendo

Episode 123: Mac is on assignment, but David is joined in-studio by comedian and creative force KERRI LENDO to talk about her new project, a stage adaptation of the Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs. Movie talk and David wrings his hands about music festival line-ups.

Opener: “Jackie Wants a Black Eye” by Dr. Dog, from the album Shame, Shame
“Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin'” by Meyer Hawthorne, from the album Strange Arrangement
“Cone of Light” by The Almighty Defenders, from their self-titled album
“All My Little Words” by The Magnetic Fields, from the album 69 Love Songs
“Cubs in Five” by The Mountain Goats, from the Nine Black Poppies EP
“Hybrid Moments” by The Misfits, from the album Static Age
“Viet Nam War Blues” by The Oblivians, from the album Soul Food