MWS 192: Luther

Episode 192: Mac and David gab about Fun Fun Fun fest and Childish Gambino. Will there be Gosling talk? Some real talk about line-cutting. Luther calls back in. Everyone likes nerdy stuff. David doesn’t like trivia nights. It’s tough work – telling it like it is.

Opener: “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” by Neil Young, from the album Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
“Q&A” by Office, from the album A Night at the Ritz
Closer: “How Can You Love Me” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, from their self-titled album

The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 10/29/11

Episode 191: Halloween costume talk, Community Signs, some benedictions for a fallen caller, Mascot Wedding Consumer Corner, and a local street-paver phones in to take the show to task.

Opener: “Broken Bone” by Ice Age, from the album New Brigade
“Laws of Gravity” by Rubik, from the album Solar
“Bad reputation” by The Forty-Fives, from the album High Life High Volume
Closer: “Reunion” by M83, from the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

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the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 04/10/08

Episode 020: Someone must have bottled all the lightning in the room and threw it out, because this show was rough. A tribute to a fallen activist. A game of “God I hope nobody saw that.” David gets berated by a caller unhappy with the show’s format.

Opener: “Monkey Man” by the Rolling Stones, off the album Let it Bleed
Closer: “The Plan” by Built to Spill, off the album Keep It Like a Secret