the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 04/17/10

Episode 118: Miracles! The phones come alive as callers help Mac and David compile a list of miracles based on that one band’s song. You know the one, don’t make me type their name. This one. Plus David tries the new Double Down and works on his time management skills. Mac blows his top. Again.

Opener: “Promises” by The Morning Benders, off the album Big Echo
“Little Eyes” by Yo La Tengo, off the album Summer Sun
“Songs Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel, from the album On Avery Island
“Sour and Vicious Man” by The Compulsive Gamblers, off the album Gambling Days are Over
“Cath Carroll” by Unrest, off the album Perfect Teeth

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 12/20/08

Episode 054: Christmas approaches. David and Mac play a game of “Do you not know how this works?”. Father Cliff Papageorgio calls in to invite Mac to a party. David takes a bullet and finally listens to Chinese Democracy.

Opener: “The Slider” by T Rex, off the album Slider
“Flavor Part I (remixed by Mike D and Mario Caldato Jr.)” by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, off the Experimental Remixes EP
“Derby Days” by Cheeseburger, off their self-titled album
“My Head” by Times New Viking, off the album Rip It Off

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 11/01/08

Episode 047: David has some trouble with his voting machine which leads to a call from creepy local businessman. The magic boys present another edition of Mascot Wedding Takes a Bullet when they take-in a viewing of Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Also a call from a musician down on his luck. Awesome show.

Opener: “Raging River of Fear” by Captain Beyond, off their self-titled album
“Golden Skans” by Klaxons, off the album Myths of the Near Future
“That’s Not my Name” by the Ting Tings, off the album We Started Noting
“I Can Hear the Grass Grow” by the Fall, off the album Fall Heads Roll

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 09/20/08

Episode 042: Mac arrives late, so we join the show already in progress. David talks about his boiling point. The boys are disgusted by a “collectible ring” seen here. David took a bullet and watched The Love Guru. A return call from an advertising representative.

“L.E.S. Artistes” by Santogold, off her self-titled debut
“Utilitarian” by Spoon, off the album Series of Sneaks

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 08/23/08

Episode 039: Mascot Wedding’s nuclear weekend war continues! Mac and David celebrate America’s manifestation of volleyball destiny. The debut of the hot new segment “Mascot Wedding Takes a Bullet” and the magic boys rip on Chazz Palmentieri. Plus a famous football coach calls in!

Opener: “Time to Pretend” by MGMT, off the album Oracular Spectacular
“Warrior” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, off the album Show Your Bones
“Worried Shoes” by Sufjan Stevens and Daniel Smith, off the I Killed the Monster compilation
Closer: “One More Bottle to Drink” by Billy Childish, off the album 25 Years of Being Childish