Over the Top 2: ARMageddon! (video + credits)

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project and everyone who voted for us. We had a complete blast making it.

Starring Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, Long Le, Dave Youmans with Joe Parsons as “Robert Loggia’s Character” and John Erler as “Blaster Malone”
Also featuring Ben Bartley, Scott Chester, Jason Harrison, George Dishner, Todd Sapio, Mark Smith, Mat Walters, Amanda Dishner, Sam Le, Sayo Belli, Bronwyn Blake, Joel Nesvadba and Genie the Pug
Original music “Hawk’s Theme” by Awesome Cool Dudes
Sound Editing by Doug Hanshaw
Written and Produced by Mascot Wedding
Directed by Dave Youmans

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Over the Top 2’s Filmmaking Frenzy Page

Check out Mascot Wedding’s new video: Over the Top 2: Armageddon!

Hey everyone. Mascot Wedding Productions has made a short for another Drafthouse Filmmaking Frenzy, the 2008 Unnecessary Sequels contest. Our entry is a sequel to Over the Top, the 1987 arm-wrestling movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert Loggia. The trailer features folks from Master Pancake Theater and even an original song from Awesome Cool Dudes.

Check it out, and be sure to register at the site and vote for it. They only way to make it to the finals is with your votes so please help us out. Thanks.

'Hands down the best movie of the summer!'