The Sport of Blood: Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake Mock Bloodsport April 7th!


You know what there aren’t enough of? Tournament movies. These days, movies only have one dude against another dude; or worse, one dude against his self-confidence, and instead of ripping self-confidence’s throat out and winning a kickass trophy, he just sorta tries his best at the piano recital and gets a hug from his mom. Noooo! I want tournaments. The ones with a giant bracket and a professional emcee and those early-round generic competitors, like the psychotic and possibly flamboyantly gay guy, the morbidly obese guy who has no business being in any sort of tournament that doesn’t involve pie, and the one guy who kills another guy just to let the hero know that this shit just got real. Dammit, now I want this movie to exist.

OH WAIT, BUT IT DOES. It’s called Bloodsport, and it stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and it is amazing! In fact, the only thing that would make it more amazing is if some dudes used their voices to make the movie funny. OH SHIT, SON! THAT EXISTS, TOO!

Mac and David of Mascot Wedding are joining with Master Pancake Wednesday, April 7th, for a ONE NIGHT ONLY mocking of Bloodsport. We’ve only done this show one other time, so this doesn’t come around very often. Buy your tickets now and come enjoy a special screening of the movie where there are no rules… except for three rules. And they’re not very good ones, either, because “don’t kill” isn’t one of the rules. It wouldn’t be such a big deal either if there wasn’t that one dickhead who took advantage of the loophole.

Showtimes and tickets at

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 03/27/10

Episode 115: Sing it, kids: “It’s the Mascot Wedddddddding show.” David is 100% done with Kevin Smith. Trevor from International Tomato has a crazy night. Plus some food talk, the results of a social experiment, and more. If you stand against this show, your skull is going to end up on our skull pile!

Opener: “Daisy” by Fang Island, off their self-titled album
“Forced to Love” by Broken Social Scene, off the album Forgiveness Rock Record
“Killing Stone” by Brian Olive, off his self-titled album
“Private Eyes” by The Bird and the Bee, off the album Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1 (A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates)
“Kiss Me On the Bus” by The Replacements, off the deluxe edition of the album Tim

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 03/20/10

David's Car
I thought it was a pretty inappropriate time for the cop to dance a little jig and say "watch it now!"

Episode 114: Membership Drive is ovah! Which means it’s time for David to get in a car accident, Mac to share some SXSW stories, and a round of “Is this really that hard?”. Plus talk of a social experiment and a call from a famous college sports personality.

Opener: “Devil With a Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly” by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, off the album Rev-Up: The Best of Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, off the album The Brutalist Bricks
“Troublemaker” by Shannon and the Clams, off the album I Wanna Go Home
“Around the Bend” by Asteroids Galaxy Tours, off the album Fruit
“No Brains” by Eater, off the album The Compleat Eater