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Video Vednesday

Wednesday doesn’t begin with a V. Already, a terrible post.
Our first video is the promo for the next Stag Comedy show, Mascot Wedding’s sketch comedy project.

The Jerk Parade debuts in November. More details here.

We also have the animated short Giraffe Danger, written and directed by Randall Hopkins and featuring the voice of MW’s Mac Blake. As the French say, enjoy the shit out of it!

New Video! Rampage: The Movie

Mascot Wedding Productions has created a new short for a Filmmaking Frenzy challenge. The trailer for Rampage: The Movie is our entry into the Uwe Boll Totally Awesome Videogames Filmmaking Competition sponsored by G4 and Fantastic Fest. The challenge was to make a 2-minute trailer for a movie based on a video game (that has not already been made). While this project did involve the entire Mascot Wedding team, this was Chopper Dave Youmans’s baby all the way. Viva Chopper!

Aggie Report Video Round-up

Mascot Wedding’s mudslinging tour of duty on behalf of has come to an end. Here are the last two videos. One goes to the mattresses against Baylor, the other is a 7-minute assault on our own alma mater, the University of Texas (may Bevo have mercy on our souls). We had a lot of fun making these videos this year and a lot of fun working with the AgRep guys.

vs. Baylor

Continue reading Aggie Report Video Round-up

Mascot Wedding’s New “Gig”

Gig? Get it? Let me explain. We’ve been making videos for making fun of Texas A&M’s opponents. This may seem weird because not only are we not graduates of Texas A&M, but we’re all graduates of their rival school, the University of Texas at Austin. So far the project has been very successful resulting in some blog coverage, views in the tens of thousands, and tons of vulgar and heated comments from the fans of the teams we’ve been making fun of. Most of the blogs and commenters assume we’re A&M alumni or students which is fine by us (means we’re doing our job). Continue reading Mascot Wedding’s New “Gig”

Final Membership Drive show for Mascot Wedding! Listen this Saturday!

This Saturday is our last show during KOOP’s Fall 2008 Membership Drive it’s also your last chance to score our exclusive album Erler and Sons vol 2 featuring call-in bits by myself, David Jara, and John Erler. If that isn’t enough to entice you, we’ll also have other albums to give out as well as tickets to see Ben Folds @ Stubbs. So before you watch the Battle Cattle take on Missouri, turn your radio to 91.7 FM or your computer to and listen from 6-7 PM to the Mascot Wedding show.

Here’s some video from last week’s overly manic show. I’ll calm down this week, I promise.