MWS 256: Andy Haynes and Chris Tellez

Andy Haynes and Chris Tellez
Andy Haynes and Chris Tellez

Episode 256: Mac and David are joined by comedians Andy Haynes (LA) and Chris Tellez (ATX). Talk of babe reporters, Stoker, Chuck E. Cheese, Andy’s gang life, sink holes and more. Super fun show. Mac should try talking less though.

Original air date 3/30/13

Opener: “Prisoners” by J Mascis and Sharon Van Etten, from the album The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver
“Young Lions” by The Constantines, from the album Shine a Light
Closer: “Everyone’s Born to Die” by E.L.O., from the album On the Third Day

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MWS Episode 220 – Chris Tellez

Chris Tellez and a man loading a giant gun with baseballs.
Chris Tellez and a man loading a giant gun with baseballs.

Episode 220: Comedian Chris Tellez joins Mac and David at the KOOP studios to talk about Chris’s monthly showcase Shi(r)t’s Golden, the Dallas and Austin comedy scenes, old sports merchandise, hoops, last names and more. Then we close the show with some shameless bro-ing out over Third Eye Blind

Original air date 06/02/12.

Opener: “Never Again” by Royal Headache, from their self-titled album
“Same Face” by The Danger Is, from their self-titled EP
Closer: “Hear Me Now” by Mount Carmel, from the album Real Women

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The Hustle Show Episode “4 Your Pleasure”

Every second Thursday of the month - I'm Hustlin'

The Hustle Show returns to ColdTowne Theater tomorrow, April 12 at 10PM. That’s the good news. The bad news is that two of our cast members are leaving town, Katie Sicking and Ashley Franks. This will be their final hustle. Waaaaah! I hate it!

But we’re going to set them adrift with an awesome show. What do we got? I dunno, how about:

Stand-up from Chris Tellez!
Erotic lessons!
Special musical appearance from Meredith Newell!
Office thievery!
Congestion relief!
Unhappy royalty!
And more sketches, games and hustlin’.

As always the show is BYOB. Every show has sold out so consider getting your tickets ahead of time. And make sure to sigh here, here, and initial here. Okay, everything looks good. Enjoy your show.

Starring Katie Sicking, Michael Pedicano, Curtis Luciani, Ashley Franks, David McQuary, Scott Raney, Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whitaker, Kate Bojanek and Tre Fuentes
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara.