Mascot Wedding Live Dates!


Keeping in the “going out with a bang” spirit, MW will be doing some live shows before our podcast wraps. Come see our faces explode with sweat, as we fight our respective stage anxieties.

This Friday, June 24th, 7pm at ColdTowne Theater we will be doing our final show with Movie Riot. Every week Movie Riot improvises a never before seen movie from scratch. Last week’s show was a blast. Details here, tickets here.

July 3rd and 4th, David and Mac will once again be teaming with Master Pancake Theater to make fun of the most awfulsome movie ever, Road House. The Road House show is our absolute favorite. We’ll be doing two shows each night, a 7pm and a 10pm. Tickets here.

Friday July 24th, we’ll be doing a live recording for Episode 299 at ColdTowne Theater. This show will be FREE. It has a late start time of 11pm so go ahead and start napping now.

It’s a Mascot Wedding / Master Pancake Mock-stravaganza!

First, the bad news: There will be no Mascot Wedding radio show this weekend.

Now, the good news: You’ll still have opportunities to spend time with Mac and David this Saturday… and Monday??

This Saturday is the final night of Mac and David sitting in with Master Pancake for its run of ROAD HOUSE shows at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. If you haven’t seen this show yet, hoo boy, you’re missing out on a very fun show. This movie has everything – oily men, feathered mullets, and rock-hard 80s boobs. And then you’re gonna throw Master Pancake’s quality mocking skills on top of that? Brother, how can that lose? Two shows Saturday at 7pm and 10pm. Tickets available here.

And then, this coming Monday, Mac and David are back together with Master Pancake for a very special secret show at the Alamo Drafthouse Village. How secret? So secret that we can’t even tell you what it is! All we can tell you is that it features child stars, a powerful glove, and all 97 games. One night only, one showing only – Monday at 7pm at Alamo Village – and only three bucks! Plus, special guest mocker David McQuary! Tickets on sale here.

Watch us Turn ROAD HOUSE into a Road Home

I used to [friend] guys like you in prison.

Do you hear that? The sound of a man’s throat being ripped out in the moonlight waters of Missouri? That’s ROAD HOUSE, baby. Mascot Wedding is once again joining up with Master Pancake Theater to mock the Patrick Swayze classic, Road House. Road House is the story of Dalton (Swayze), the best damn Cooler in the business. If you don’t know what a Cooler is, it’s middle management at a bar. But when Dalton accepts the job of cleaning up shitty blues-rock bar, the Double Deuce, will he — fucking who gives a shitit’s Road House, man! It’s a logic-defying, late 80s, action movie destined to run on cable TV long after our deaths.

Our first shows were actually last weekend (wewps), but you’ll have plenty more chances to catch John Erler, David, and Mac make fun of one of the most awfulsome movies ever.

Bad news though, there will be no MWS this Saturday due to Road Housin’.

All shows at the downtown Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. Nov 16, 17, 24, and Dec 8. Two shows each night. Tickets and times right here.

Road House Benefit Shows this Weekend

Friday and Saturday night, David and myself will be joining Master Pancake Theater for two shows at the Downtown Alamo Ritz, as they present Road House starring Patrick Swayze. The best part is, in honor of Swayze’s own fight with pancreatic cancer, all proceeds are going to fund pancreatic cancer research. We’re working for free tonight, folks. Here’s what the Alamo’s site has to say:
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Last weekend for Road House + Radio News

The Road House shows with Master Pancake have been going really well. Last week I think we had the best crowd we’ve ever had. David almost got carried out of the theater on the joyful crowd’s shoulders on at least three separate occasions. The show has come a long way from opening weekend when I was so so sick. So SICK. I almost threw up from pain after making a joke about the Kool-Aid man. What’s that? That wasn’t from pain? That joke’s just no good? Certainly there were better ways for you to tell me that.

I’m feeling better and the show’s going great and this is your last chance to see it. We got four shows this weekend, two on Friday night, two Saturday night. If you saw our Conan show, this show blows that one out of the water. Blows it, I say! Plus it’s not as long. So folks interested in the midnight shows, I can confidently say you will be home long before the police start spraying drunks with a fire hose. Tickets here. All shows are at the glorious new downtown Alamo Ritz theater.

Radio news! The Mascot Wedding show with Mac and David is rolling along. You can hear us every Thursday from 3-3:30pm (that’s central standard, son) on 91.7 FM KOOP Austin or streaming world wide at And starting next week, we should have our podcast up and running, at which point we’ll hopefully spruce up the page to cater to the radio show a little more.

So, your to-do list: go see Master Pancake Theater’s Road House and check back here next week for podcast updates.

More Good News: Mascot Wedding (well, Master Pancake FEATURING Mascot Wedding) takes on Road House!

November is shaping up to be a very good month for us at Mascot Wedding headquarters. In addition to the radio show (starting November 8, plan your listening parties accordingly), we’ve also just been asked to join forces with Master Pancake Theater for another month of shows. The even better news is, this time you won’t have to politely smile through Conan the Barbarian. This time we’re pitching in for the mother of all “these jokes write themselves” movies: Road House! That’s right, Patrick Swayze’s finest hour (depressing as that may be) is being put in front of the Master Pancake firing squad all November at (wait for it…) the new Alamo Downtown at The Ritz! That means not only will you get to hear us completely fall over ourselves trying to deliver jokes as fast as they come to mind (come on, have you seen the movie??), you’ll get to see it in the brand new, peeing my pants with anticipation, Drafthouse on 6th Street.* Fist pump!

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