The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 04/02/11

Episode 163: Kevin Mathews is still mad at David. A call from a famous college basketball personality. Mac solicits bribes in exchange for coconut water. Plus, Midnight Cowboy + record store clerk intimidation.

Opener: “Feel Like Myself” by Brendan Benson, from the album The Alternative to Love
“Faint Obelisk Two” by Royal Bangs, from the album Flux Outside
“Never Enough” by Chain & the Gang, from the album Music’s Not For Everyone
“Ten-Twenty-Ten” by The Generationals, from the album Actor-Caster

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 03/26/11

Christian clowns confound old people
Episode 162: An interview with Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival! Plus, bus etiquette, a flustered David, and caller who wants David to follow him on twitter. Mac is in there somewhere too.

Opener: “The Plot” by WhoMadeWho, from the album The Plot
“Under the Gun” by Apex Manor, from the album The Year of Magical Drinking
“Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)” by The Vaccines, from their self-titled EP
“Severance Pay” by Silkworm, from the album Firewater

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the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 05/03/08

Episode 024: What? Back so soon? That’s correct. The Mascot Wedding show moves to Saturday and expands to an hour. Mac and David talk about a comedy competition. Mac reveals how he likes to promote the show. Some talk about uncomfortable siuations and a call from a scenester.

Opener: “Hells Bells” by the Dandy Warhols, off the Tales from Slabtown Vol. 2 EP
“Circle Sky” by the Monkees, off the Head soundtrack
“Casey’s Last Ride” by Kris Kristofferson, off the album Kristofferson
Closer: “Colorado” by Chevy Chase, off the album Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon