MWS 297: Brian Gaar

Episode 297: The great Brian Gaar is our in-studio guest this episode. We talk about his upcoming Hulu special, his upcoming TV show, unwanted thought syndrome, and more. Plus, we go on another Mascot Wedding Vision Quest. We only have three episodes left! Panic in the streets!

Make sure you’re following Brian’s excellent twitter feed right here.

Gold Lion 10: Beth Stelling’s Perfect Day

It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a best-of nugget from a past show. In this short EXTRAsode, Beth Stelling goes on a vision quest to tell us about her perfect day.

And because Beth is so awesome, here’s a clip of her killing it on Jimmy Kimmel Live

MWS 295: Danny Palumbo and Arthur Truckee

Episode 295: Comedian and fishmonger Danny Palumbo joins your podcast lions to talk about winning the Funniest Person in Austin contest, restaurant humor, and more. Plus, a surprise visit from entrepreneur Arthur Truckee.

MWS 294: Houston Savage

Episode 294: In this episode David and Mac finally encounter Houston Savage, the host of the confusing Mascot Wetting Show. Plus, Mac is exposed for being old and complainy.

Thanks to Lisa Friedrich for letting us record this at her place and to Dustin Svelhak for recording it. Check out their podcast Almost Related. Doug Hanshaw sound-engineered the opening audio clip, which was recorded in 2008 for a radio station fundraiser. The new MW theme is by the great band Mirror Travel. And for no specific reason whatsoever, special thanks to John Merriman.

Gold Lion 7: The Night Pretzel

The Night Pretzel
It’s another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion, a best-of nugget from a past show. On this short EXTRAsode, David gets a call from a vigilante known as the Night Pretzel.

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MWS 293: Carlos LaRotta

Episode 293: Carlos LaRotta from the comedy group Movie Riot is our guest. Mac and David almost get tornadoed away. Cook-out tips! Reasons for blocking people on Facebook. And another world-famous Mascot Wedding vision quest.

MWS 292: Bad Boys

Episode 292: From the comedy group Bad Boys, Byron Brown and Sam Malcolm join us in studio for a packed show. How packed? We have a Mascot Wedding Vision Quest, a scene from the movie Vision Quest, some strip club talk, 9/11’s affect on relationships, and more. Plus, stay tuned till the end for a very big announcement.

MWS 291: Rumpelstiltskin

Episode 291: Magical storybook scamp Rumpelstiltskin joins the program. He talks about his long life, love of pranks, and his perfect day. Plus, Mac gets slightly accosted at a comedy show.