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MWS 276: John Sheehan

John Sheehan
Episode 276: Director John Sheehan talks to MW about his new movie, For Serious. The debut of Dinosaurs Talk. John has a Twilight Zone podcast. Fatal Accidents. Plus, SEVERAL scenes from the thrilling Vampire Lawyer movie, Permission to Approach the Neck.

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MWS 275: Ximena Estrada

Ximena Estrada
Episode 275: Ximena Estrada (STAG Comedy, Precious Dads) is our guest, David falls asleep mid-sentence, the debut of “Night Boners”, plus a woman joins us to talk about her experience on Bar Rescue.

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MWS 274: Andrew Orvedahl

Episode 274: David and Mac welcome Andrew Orvedahl from the Grawlix. We talk about SXSW, Denver’s comedy scene, Non-Stop, kids’ books, RV slang, pot edibles, and the time Andrew got way too high at a comedy show.

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MWS 273: Rory Albanese

Rory Albanese
Episode 273: Rory Albanese, former Executive Producer and writer for The Daily Show, is our guest today. We talk about life on the road, angry Emmy viewers, leaving The Daily Show, Matrix names, and more. WARNING: Listening to this will make us all best pals! Yay!

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MWS 272: Kath Barbadoro

Episode 272: Your podcast lions welcome comedian Kath Barbadoro. Featuring: talk about rock cruises, a phone call to the mall, the truth of jelly bracelets, late starting shows, Van Halen, and a celebrity sighting at a circus.

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MWS 271: John Merriman

Episode 271: Mac and David welcome actor, comedian, and bon vivant John Merriman. Talk of John’s acting. The indie horror movie Wheelhouse is created. Behind the scenes with Jurassic Park. Plus, a famous basketball player joins us in studio to talk about his movie projects.

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Gold Lion 2: Rikembe Mutombo

The MWS kicks off our 2014 offerings with an extrasode – another Mascot Wedding Gold Lion. This best-of nugget features Rikembe Mutombo, brother of the then recently retired NBA great Dikembe Mutombo. This gem came from a 2009 MWS broadcast. Next week, we’ll be back with a brand new episode featuring John Merriman.

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MWS 270: Sam Malcolm

Episode 270: Sam “World Star” Malcolm drops by to suffer through a discussion of being tricked by the internet, movie trailers. Fast and Furious 7, Mac’s failed attempt to see a Kanye West, Homeland, and more.

Folks in Austin can see Sam perform with Bad Boys every Friday at ColdTowne Theater.

Recorded on 12/18/13

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MWS 269: Ryan Cownie and Antoine Delafield

Episode 269: Ryan Cownie is in the studio, malt liquor in hand. Attorney Antoine Delafield stops by. Plus: Paul Bearer, shiv talk, Mac can see the future, and drinkable energy.

Recorded on 11/19/13

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MWS 268: Slumber Party

sleepy talk
Episode 268: It’s just David and Mac this episode as they ramble on about clickbait, actors and actresses you always associate with a role, the end of The Best Show, the work of creativity, Fast Five, racist toys, quick hits, and an actual creepy slumber party story.

Recorded on 11/05/13

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