Mascot Wedding Joins Master Pancake Theater to Destroy E.T., Your Childhood

April, 2008. Man, those were the days. Fox Television made us feel foolish for thinking we could dance. A young man named Barack packed everything he owned into an old detergent box and started a journey that began in his homeland of Kenya and led him all the way to the White House. And Master Pancake Theater teamed up with Mac and David of Mascot Wedding to mock the 1982 classic E.T. What? You don’t remember?? You missed it?! Jesus. I don’t… it’s just that… you sicken me. There, I said it.

But guess what? Now’s your chance to totally redeem yourself. Mascot Wedding and Master Pancake are together again! And we’re bringing E.T. back to life, so that we may kill him with insults for your entertainment dollar! That’s right — this month we’re doing an encore performance of our killer E.T. show for THREE WEEKENDS ONLY. After that, it’s gone faster than your childlike sense of wonder when you found out E.T. wasn’t real. So get your tickets now while you still can, and come watch us eviscerate your favorite cuddly alien/Spielberg movie/wrinkly ball-sac puppet.

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MPT + MW vs. ET = LOL-pocalypse

For the next three weekends, Mascot Wedding’s Mac Blake and David Jara will join with Master Pancake Theater (John Erler and Joe Parsons) for their movie-mocking run of E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial at the downtown Alamo Rtitz theater here in Austin, TX.

Mascot Wedding has teamed with Master Pancake before during their runs of Roadhouse and Conan the Barbarian and now with E.T. will perform a comedy track over a movie that’s actually good. If you’re worried that this improvement in quality will lessen the comedic punches, just remember that E.T. is still a movie about a boy and his magical space-penis that’s actually a Jesus figure who likes to get lit on Coors. Sound the feasting horn!

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Master Pancake punches E.T. in the face! [Alamo Drafthouse Blog]