What’s Mascot Wedding?

Short answer:
A comedy podcast from Austin, Texas.

Not-as-short answer:
Mascot Wedding used to be a radio show. Before that, it was a group that made video content. Before that, just coworkers at an under-supervised office in Austin, Texas. Mac Blake, David Jara, Dave Youmans, Ximena Estrada, and Joe Shaffer all worked together and one day said, hey let’s enter this short film contest – y’know, for goofs – and they won. “Hey, let’s call our group Mascot Wedding because those words sound funny together.” Deal. Mascot Wedding Productions kept entering video contests and winning. They started making fun of movies with Master Pancake Theater. They got a weekly slot on a community radio station. They made video content for clients. They did promotions at trade shows. Then they merged with existing sketch comedy group STAG Comedy. They created and produced their own live comedy shows. They got kicked off the radio on a technicality.

Smash cut to now. The Mascot Wedding Show is a podcast by David & Mac. Dave, Ximena, and Mac are all in STAG producing live shows, making video content for themselves and others. David & Mac also created The Hustle Show, a monthly comedy showcase at ColdTowne Theater, which David hosts and produces. Joe Shaffer isn’t really involved any more, but that’s because he moved to Australia, where he’s a pretty successful stand-up.

And that’s about- OH Ximena, Mac, and David also occasionally do improv as Mascot Wedding. Emphasis on occasionally. That is a rare bird, my friend.