MWS 299: No Escape (Live at ColdTowne Theater)

Episode 299: Our second to last episode, recorded live at the the friendly confines of ColdTowne Theater. Joe Hafkey joins on stage, plus visits from a sick child, a super fan, the show’s mailman, and even David from the future. Super fun show!

Thanks to: Everyone who came out! Dustin Svehlak for recording it. Ryan Darbonne for working the tech booth. Cody Dearing for the use of the theater. Kath Barbadoro for the photo. Special guests Ximena Estrada, Lance Gilstrap, Michael Jastroch, Carlos LaRotta, and Aaron Brooks (seen below).

Photo by Joe Hafkey
Photo by Joe Hafkey

MWS Episode 239: Dave Buckman and Lance Gilstrap

Episode 239: David Jara is on assignment, so Mac is joined in-studio by comedy studs Dave Buckman and Lance Gilstrap. Talk of the Austin improv scene, space vampires, keeping it cool at concerts, cartoon bits are the best, the end of the world, obscure TV episodes, and more. “To the gills” is my answer to you if you were wondering how packed this show is.

Original air date 11/03/12

Opener: “Interstellar” by Frankie Rose, from the album Interstellar
“Joanna” by the Little Comets, from the Joanna single
Closer: “Civilian Stripes” by Divine Fits, from the album A thing Called the Divine Fits

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MWS Episode 228: Lance Gilstrap and the Pizza Party

Episode 228: Friend of the show and comedian Lance Gilstrap, gets in the buddy chair. David interviews two political 10-year-olds from the Pizza Party. Talk of Lance’s roommate Sam, helping people (why it’s bad), “leaving town” shirts and (somehow) we fall down the rabbit hole of cartoon talk. Plus, an ex-governor joins us for plugs.

Original air date 07/28/12.

Opener: “Elephant” by the Tame Impala, from the album Lonerism
“The Tongue” by Ty Segal, from the album Slaughterhouse
Closer: “I’m Coming Home” by Cheap Freaks, from the album Bury Them All

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MWS Episode 218 – Lance Gilstrap, Austin Sketch Fest Preview

Episode 218: David Jara is on assignment, so Mac is joined by special guest-host Lance Gilstrap to talk about the upcoming Austin Sketch Fest. A call from Brian Shortall of Delicious Moments (hint: one of the Fest’s most anticipated acts). An offhand comment leads to Lance tell true stories of his pit years. Plus, a very exciting Mascot Wedding announcement!

Original air date 05/19/12.

Opener: “All For Gold” by The Danger Is from their self-titled EP
“Rich Girls” by The Virgins, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Runaway” by Mr. Little Jeans from the Runaway single

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MWS 210: Lance Gilstrap & Kevin, Axel Alonso

Axel Alonso and Lance Gilstrap
Axel Alonso and Lance Gilstrap

Episode 210: And thus we gave birth to the MEGASODE. The magic boys flew too close to the sun on this one, and were plucked from the sky by warbly audio at the end of the second act. Curses!
First we have comedian Lance Gilstrap, then an interview with young Kevin Trumpet which doesn’t end well for Mac and David. Then Mac interviews the Editor In Chief of Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso about Marvel’s new digital initiatives and Avengers vs X-men. Food talk, cable problems, threats, kid’s news, comic book pitches – this thing is stuffed.

Opener: “Excuse” by The Ettes, from the album Wicked Will
“All of Me” by Tanlines, from the album Mixed Emotions
Closer: “Young Love” by Mystery Jets, from the album Twenty One
Outro track: “Hard Smart Beta” by Starfucker, from their self-titled album

MWS Episode 201 – Lance Gilstrap and Antoine Delafield

Lance Gilstrap and the Sogmaster. That's a helluva show.
Lance Gilstrap and the Sogmaster. That's a helluva show.

Episode 201: Comedian Lance Gilstrap joins Mac and David to drop some knowledge about Kaboom cereal and cologne. Some celebrity stories, cereal movies, and a conversation with country lawyer Antoine Delafield.
Original air date 01/14/12.

Opener: “Portland” by Coasting, from the album You’re Never Going Back
“Wake and Be Fine” by Okkervil River, from the album I am Very Far
Closer: “Always on My Mind” by Phantom Planet, from the album Guest

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 10/01/11

Episode 187: Mac and David are joined by special guests Nick Ramirez and Lance Gilstrap from Midnight Society and the Game Show Show. Talk of strong Japanese beer cans, Kill Bill, and more. Plus the Game Show Show match game radio edition.

Opener: “Raisans” by Dinosaur jr., from the album You’re Living All Over Me
“Girls Like Me” by TV Girl, from the Girls Like Me 7″
Closer: “Addicted to Love” by Florence + the Machine, from the album Lungs: Deluxe Edition

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 08/27/11

Fringe Don't Fake the Funk
Get Hyped!

Episode 182: It’s show 1 of KOOP’s Fall Membership Drive. Mac and David are joined in-studio by comedian Lance Gilstrap, Stronger Than Dirt’s Scott Gardener, and Ximena Estrada from MW and Stag Comedy. Out of Bounds talk, Mac survives a lame earthquake, a Handsome Furs concert report, and a review of the 1994 Steven Seagal film On Deadly Ground. Also, plenty of hype noises.

Opener: “Young Pros” by Bass Drum of Death, from album GB City
“I’m Confused” by the Handsome Furs, from the album Face Control
“On Time” by the Bee Gees, from the Mythology collection

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The Mascot Wedding Show Podcast 04/16/11

Episode 165: Special guest, comedian Lance Gilstrap joins Mac and David for some talk about NBA playoffs, Arsenio Hall, robberies, Old Dogs, bad Steven Seagal impressions, and more.

Opener: “Teenage Blood” by Apex Manor, from the album The Year of Magical Drinking
“Julius” by Starfucker, from the album Reptilians
“Once in a While” by Don’t Stop or We’ll Die, from the One of the Gang EP
Closer: “Ever Falling in Love” by Times New Viking, from the album Dancer Equired

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