Mascot Wedding at Staple! + Your March MW Live Events

UPDATE: We will not be broadcasting the Mascot Wedding Show from Staple. We’ll be in-studio taking your pledges for our final show of membership drive! We will still be tabling at Staple though, so come ut and say hi.

Staples! This weekend at the Marchesa Events Center
Staples! This weekend at the Marchesa Events Center

This Saturday and Sunday, Mascot Wedding will have a table at Staple! selling a whole bunch of stuff but also hoping to meet some of our lovely listeners. We also got a shout out in the local AV Club. This weekend at the Marchesa Hall. Sat 11-6, Sun 12-6

++Hot Property at Coldtowne Theater
Hot Property is sketch-prov. That means we sort of write it out but not really and we sort of make it up as we go but not really. Before you judge us as just a lazy sketch comedy group, we need to catch our breath first. And maybe lay down. Hot Property is Mac and David from MW plus Nick and Lance of Midnight Society. Your Terrific Neighbors are your sketch comedy headliners.
Mar 10, 10PM @ Coldtowne Theater

++Hashtag Austin Comedy (Mac does some stand-up)
A monthly stand-up showcase hosted by David McQuary, who is one of the best kids ever. Come see a bunch of funny people and also Mac.
Mar 25, 9:30PM @ The New Movement Theater

++Stag Comedy Videos!
This isn’t really a live event, but the sketch comedy arm of Mascot Wedding, Stag Comedy, is going to start uploading a new video every Wednesday. Starting today! Head to to check’em out.