MW joins Master Pancake Theater for Conan the Barbarian

Five years ago Mascot Wedding had its first collaboration with Master Pancake Theater. Over 100 shows later, John Erler, Joe Parsons, David, and Mac have reteamed to make fun of the sword and sorcery sex-epic that started it all, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1982 Conan the Barbarian. All of last week’s shows sold the eff out, so buying your tickets early is a really smart idea. Two shows Friday, two Saturday and that’s it.

As for the show itself? C’mon, it’s Ahnuldt chopping up, sleeping with, and yelling at everything that crosses his path. Seriously, this movie has like 9 beheadings, 4 sex scenes, and one future governor. It’s great! The only downside is that there will not be a Mascot Wedding Show on KOOP this Saturday.

Tickets here.