The Hustle Show Episode NEIN!

There’s a reason they call us the Hustle Show, because every month we bust our hilarious butts so you can bust your super-cool guts at an all new hour-long episode at ColdTowne Theater. This month marks our 9th all hustle effort, and it’s a real doozy. Hosted by David Jara, episode 9 includes stand-up from the hilarious Brendan K. O’Grady, a Halloween sketch from super group Midnight Society, as well as:

-Murder Mysteries
-Austin’s newest food trailer
-Loaded Questions
-And more skeches, games, and mayhem.

Starring: Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whittaker, Scott Raney, Tre Fuentes, Sam Malcolm, and (special guest) Elizabeth Osterwisch.
Hosted by David Jara (Mac’s doing stand-up in San Francisco)
Join us this Thursday, 10PM at ColdTowne Theater. Tickets are only $5 and as always, it’s BYOB.

Oh yeah. Buy tickets now! Here they are.