The Hustle Show: Best of Some of the Best

This month, THE HUSTLE SHOW presents a collection of some of our best sketches. We didn’t consider all of our best sketches, just the some we knew you’d like. Look, do you think we’d post the honest face of one Mr. Eric Roberts if this wasn’t going to be a kick ass show? Of course we wouldn’t. It’s like Eric Roberts’s tattoo says, “Old Schoolin’. No Foolin’.”

This show you can expect:
-Stand-up from RALPH HARDESTY
-Haunted food trucks
-Presidential Eros
-The secrets of immortals
-Space basketball movie talk
And more assorted mayhem.

Kiss away our pain this Thursday 10PM at ColdTowne Theater. BYOB and only $5. Sometimes shows sell out, sometimes they don’t. Advance tickets here ensure entry.

Starring Jeff Whitaker, Curtis Luciani, Courtney Sevener, Tre Fuentes, Sam Malcolm, Scott Raney and Elizabeth Osterwisch.
Hosted by Mac Blake and David Jara.