More Good News: Mascot Wedding (well, Master Pancake FEATURING Mascot Wedding) takes on Road House!

November is shaping up to be a very good month for us at Mascot Wedding headquarters. In addition to the radio show (starting November 8, plan your listening parties accordingly), we’ve also just been asked to join forces with Master Pancake Theater for another month of shows. The even better news is, this time you won’t have to politely smile through Conan the Barbarian. This time we’re pitching in for the mother of all “these jokes write themselves” movies: Road House! That’s right, Patrick Swayze’s finest hour (depressing as that may be) is being put in front of the Master Pancake firing squad all November at (wait for it…) the new Alamo Downtown at The Ritz! That means not only will you get to hear us completely fall over ourselves trying to deliver jokes as fast as they come to mind (come on, have you seen the movie??), you’ll get to see it in the brand new, peeing my pants with anticipation, Drafthouse on 6th Street.* Fist pump!

So, let us review:

Mascot Wedding
Master Pancake
Road House
Patrick Swayze AND Sam Elliott
Blood, boobs, chicken wire, monster trucks, and a stuffed bear
Alamo Downtown at The Ritz

I dare you to come up with a better deal than that. You can’t. Until they invent a cooler full of beer that you can somehow magically drive around town getting drunk, then a better time is impossible.

Tickets and showtimes available here

*Yes, we’re all dreading the parking situation, and the douchebags at the Blind Pig heckling the nerds coming out of the Lord of the Rings Elf Feast, but c’mon. Since when has The Alamo Drafthouse ever let us down? They’re the best thing about this town, way better than that Stevie Ray Vaughn guy. Seriously, put out another album already, lazybones.