the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 12/06/07

Episode 005: David complains about not feeling sick. Wait, what? Some Vegas talk and a guy who used to work with David calls looking for a favor.

Opener: “Song Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel, off the album On Avery island
Closer: “Jenny & the Ess-Dog” by Stephen Malkmus, off the album Stephen Malkmus

the Mascot Wedding show: 11/29/07

David returns as the boys do a little holiday talk. David gets tempted by an offer from an eco-friendly, yet very creepy caller. Then the show gets bombarded by callers who think hate-speech is funny.

[Podcast of Episode 004 no longer available]

Opener: “Twilight Campfighter” by Guided by Voices, off the album Isolation Drills
Closer: “Honeybear” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, off the album Show Your Bones

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 11/22/07

Episode 003: Thanksgiving day solo show! While other shows aired reruns, Mascot Wedding nutted-up and had a live show on Thanksgiving. Mac reveals the truth about the other Thursday DJs but overall struggles in the absence of David, things to talk about, and proper show preparation. Mac’s brother Calvin calls in.

This show has been retired. To listen to the Calvin Call, go here.

the Mascot Wedding show Podcast: 11/15/07

Episode 002: Hey lookee. It’s the first edition of our podcast. Still ironing out some kinks, but presented here is our second show (recorded November 15) in which Mac and David talk about some upcoming movies, the writers’ strike and a local reality TV producer calls in.

Opener: “Ever Thought of Coming Back” by Kelly Stoltz, off the album Below the Branches
Closer: “Metal Detektor” by Spoon, off the album A Series of Sneaks

Last weekend for Road House + Radio News

The Road House shows with Master Pancake have been going really well. Last week I think we had the best crowd we’ve ever had. David almost got carried out of the theater on the joyful crowd’s shoulders on at least three separate occasions. The show has come a long way from opening weekend when I was so so sick. So SICK. I almost threw up from pain after making a joke about the Kool-Aid man. What’s that? That wasn’t from pain? That joke’s just no good? Certainly there were better ways for you to tell me that.

I’m feeling better and the show’s going great and this is your last chance to see it. We got four shows this weekend, two on Friday night, two Saturday night. If you saw our Conan show, this show blows that one out of the water. Blows it, I say! Plus it’s not as long. So folks interested in the midnight shows, I can confidently say you will be home long before the police start spraying drunks with a fire hose. Tickets here. All shows are at the glorious new downtown Alamo Ritz theater.

Radio news! The Mascot Wedding show with Mac and David is rolling along. You can hear us every Thursday from 3-3:30pm (that’s central standard, son) on 91.7 FM KOOP Austin or streaming world wide at And starting next week, we should have our podcast up and running, at which point we’ll hopefully spruce up the page to cater to the radio show a little more.

So, your to-do list: go see Master Pancake Theater’s Road House and check back here next week for podcast updates.