MWS 210: Lance Gilstrap & Kevin, Axel Alonso

Axel Alonso and Lance Gilstrap
Axel Alonso and Lance Gilstrap

Episode 210: And thus we gave birth to the MEGASODE. The magic boys flew too close to the sun on this one, and were plucked from the sky by warbly audio at the end of the second act. Curses!
First we have comedian Lance Gilstrap, then an interview with young Kevin Trumpet which doesn’t end well for Mac and David. Then Mac interviews the Editor In Chief of Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso about Marvel’s new digital initiatives and Avengers vs X-men. Food talk, cable problems, threats, kid’s news, comic book pitches – this thing is stuffed.

Opener: “Excuse” by The Ettes, from the album Wicked Will
“All of Me” by Tanlines, from the album Mixed Emotions
Closer: “Young Love” by Mystery Jets, from the album Twenty One
Outro track: “Hard Smart Beta” by Starfucker, from their self-titled album