MWS 282: Bryan Gutmann

Bryan Gutmann
Episode 282: Bryan Gutmann brings that ol’ fashioned high-energy as our guest for some talk of uncensored zoo radio, Austin’s terrible car dealers (like this one), creepy billboards, and more. Plus we break down a guide on how to talk your parents into moving. It’s the worst! The guide, not this show. This show is fun.

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MWS 258: Lucas Molandes and Bryan Gutmann

Told you.
Lucas by Bryan. Bryan by Lucas.

Episode 258: Comedians Lucas Molandes and Bryan Gutmann stop by. A lot of comedy talk, plus set lists, and Austin’s next top hobo.

Original air date 4/13/13

Opener: “Under the guns” by Apex Manor, from the album The Year of Magical Drinking
“Young Lions” by The Constantines, from the album Shine a Light
Closer: “Sun Medallion” by King Tuff, from the album Was Dead

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