MWS 295: Danny Palumbo and Arthur Truckee

Episode 295: Comedian and fishmonger Danny Palumbo joins your podcast lions to talk about winning the Funniest Person in Austin contest, restaurant humor, and more. Plus, a surprise visit from entrepreneur Arthur Truckee.

MWS 259: Danny Palumbo and Byron Brown

Episode 259: Funny dudes Danny Palumbo and Byron Brown join us for our second to last KOOP broadcast. Wacky apartment adventures, secrets of Pittsburg, Byron’s country music efforts and more!
Original air date 4/20/13

Opener: “Prima Materia” by The Virgins, from the album Strike Gently
“Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” by Thee Oh Sees, from the album Floating Coffin

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The Hustle Show’s Episode the 8th

Every second Thursday of the month - I'm Hustlin'

The hardest working comedy variety show returns to ColdTowne Theater for its 8th hour-long episode. Join hosts David Jara and Mac Blake as they present to you stand-up, sketch, games, and more. We’re very excited this month as we’ll have stand-up from the super funny Danny Palumbo (FunFunFun Fest, Moontower Comedy Festival), as well as:

-The Mirror Dimension
-A true tale of stand-up comedy
-Trust Falls
-An interview with a comics legend
-A new adventure of old Abraham Lincoln
-And more assorted mayhem!

Starring: Curtis Luciani, Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whittaker, Scott Raney, Tre Fuentes, Ximena Estrada, and Sam Malcolm.
Join us this Thursday, 10PM at ColdTowne Theater. Tickets are only $5 and as always, it’s BYOB.