MWS 253: Spring MD Part 2

Episode 253: It’s our second episode of KOOP’s Spring 2K13 Membership Drive. Mac and David are joined by special guests comedian Duncan Carson (Sure Thing) and KOOP’s Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon (The Idea Lounge). Talk of Milwuakee, KOOP’s eventual fast food takeover, sad clerks, and more.

BTW: I trimmed some of the Membership drive pitching from the podcast so if a transition sounds a little off, forgive-a-ness prease.

Original air date 3/2/13

Opener: “Let’s Pogo B4 U Gogo” by Mean Jeans, from the album Are You Serious?
“Ashes to Ashes” by David Bowie, from the Best of Bowie compilation
Closer: “King Arthur the Red” by Guided by Voices, from the album The Bears for Lunch

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