MWS 285: Josh Androsky

Episode 285: Wildman Josh Androsky is in-studio to talk about why KISS is mad at him, Carmela Soprano’s outfits, Melissa McCarthy, hoops, and more. Josh is the best. This episode is CRAZY fun.

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MWS 245: Clare O’Kane and Josh Androsky

Episode 245: Comedians Josh Androsky and Clare O’Kane are on the show. We talk about a dumb tattoo, a donkey town, bread coats, and more. The Change Your Name Game is created. Plus, Josh’s amazing “Price is Right on Mushrooms” story.

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Original air date 1/5/13

Opener: “While I’m Alive” by Starfucker, from the album Miracle Mile
“Don’t Your Forget It” by Allah-Las, from their self-titled album
Closer: “Shot the Beehive” by Ex-Cult, from their self-titled album

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